S#*! My Database Says


Presenter: Karen Lopez

Session Details


Have you ever been asked to defend outrageous or incorrect data that comes from your database?  Who is responsible? Who gets the blame?  Does your data suffer from a certain odor? Does your data sit around mocking your best attempts to support good data practices?  Databases are also bound by the GIGO rule: Garbage In is Garbage Out.  In this presentation, Karen covers the types of mistakes, misunderstandings and outright cheats that lead to poor data quality, mistrust in IT systems and overall smelliness in our IT solutions. 


About the Speaker


Karen Lopez is a principal consultant at InfoAdvisors. She specializes in the practical application of data management principles and is an active blogger, speaker and social networker. Karen is also the ListMistress and moderator of the InfoAdvisors Discussion Groups at, dm-discuss, and other online communities.



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