T-SQL Awesomeness: 3 Ways to Write Cool SQL


Presenter: Audrey Hammonds

Session Details



There’s nothing quite as satisfying as writing a cool bit of T-SQL.  Luckily for us, there are some truly awesome ways to make your data do just what you need it to do, while improving performance and/or readability.  Come learn three new-school ways to expand your T-SQL repertoire with: 

• Recursive Common Table Expressions (CTE)



We will look at data models and scenarios you might encounter that lend themselves to these techniques, see old-school ways to solve T-SQL challenges, and then compare them to newer, leaner ways to get the same result set.  Impress your friends and confound your frenemies with your mad T-SQL skills. 



About the Speaker


Audrey Hammonds is a BI Consultant for Key2 Consulting in Atlanta, GA, and one half of the Datachix ( She holds MCTS certifications in SQL Server 2008 Database Development and SQL Server 2008 Business Intelligence. Fourteen years ago, she volunteered for database training to escape the clutches of COBOL, and has never looked back.  A firm believer in good fundamentals and solid design, she gets her kicks from making data do nifty things.



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