The all-volunteer PASS Board of Directors is comprised of a four-member Executive Committee, elected Directors-at- Large, Founding Partner representatives, and appointed advisers. The Board engages data professionals throughout the world who use the Microsoft data platform - as well as Microsoft executives, product teams, and developers - to help develop quality programs, educational content, and speakers for the community and provide a conduit of user feedback to Microsoft on product feature sets. The PASS Board acts in accordance with the PASS Bylaws.

2015 Executive Committee


PASS President
Thomas LaRock

Executive Vice President, 
Finance & Governance
Adam Jorgensen

Vice President, Marketing
Denise McInerney

Immediate Past President
Bill Graziano

Denise McInerney Bill Graziano


2015 Directors-at-Large

Director, PASS
Special Projects
James Rowland-Jones

Director, PASS Virtual Chapters
Wendy Pastrick

Director, PASS SQLSaturday
Tim Ford

Director, PASS Programs
Amy Lewis

Director, PASS
Business Analytics
Jen Stirrup

Director, PASS Global Chapters
Grant Fritchey



Board of Directors, Founding Partner

Microsoft, as a PASS Founding Partner member, contributes two senior marketing managers to the PASS Board of Directors.

Sanjay Mishra
Jennifer Moser