2008 Elections for the PASS 2009-2010 Board of Directors

Andy Warren


Andy Warren is the President of Fourdeuce Inc, an Orlando based company whose holdings include End to End Training and JumpstartTV. Andy is also the current President of the Orlando SQL Server User Group and the chair of the SQLSaturday event concept. Andy has worked with SQL Server for more than 10 years, going back to SQL 6.5, and has also worked as a developer and an IT Director. In 2008, he was selected as a SQL Server MVP.

Interest in becoming a PASS Board Member

My one sentence answer: I want to be on the Board of Directors because I believe that PASS is under serving the SQL Server community and I think I can help change that.

Why do I say under serving? I think about what I see in other professional associations and it seems like all we have is the conference. Shouldn't there be more to PASS than just a conference? We've taken 10 years to get to this point, shouldn't we expect more?

Here are some areas I would focus on if elected. I'm not going to tell you that I'm the best candidate or that I have the best ideas, just that I'm willing to invest the time and effort to put my ideas in front of others and then invest more time and effort to get them done if they are approved.

  • Greater translucency. We have to all see what is happening with PASS
  • We need to do more for Chapters. We can't just talk about grass roots, we have to live it.
  • PASS has poor name recognition and value when it comes to the hiring process
  • Rethink (again) the concept of free members versus premium (voting) members
  • Build regional and larger local events to increase our membership and to reach those that won't/can't come to a Chapter meeting.
  • Move faster. We can't afford to take a year or more to implement ideas

I’ve posted a more detailed version of this on my blog at http://www.sqlservercentral.com/blogs/andy_warren. I hope to meet many of you attending the Summit this week to discuss my ideas.

Andy Warren