NitroCompressor for Microsoft SQL Server Launched at PASS Summit 2010

SEATTLE, Wash. — November 9, 2010 — Nitrosphere Corporation today announced the launch of NitroCompressor for SQL Server at PASS Summit 2010. NitroCompressor for SQL Server is the latest in the line of SQL Server performance and storage optimization products from Nitrosphere. 

NitroCompressor for SQL Server reduces database storage requirements by up to 90% while improving disk I/O rates up to 50% and shrinking wait times. It installs and runs while allowing the SQL Server database to remain online.

“NitroCompressor is an impressive product,” said Kendal Van Dyke, Senior DBA for Channel Intelligence, Inc., in Celebration, Florida, “In my testing of the product, I found that Microsoft SQL Server performance with NitroCompressor was as good (and in some cases better) as running the database with no compression or using native 2008 compression. It achieved this while compressing my database over 75%!”

NitroCompressor for SQL Server helps customers achieve hard dollar savings for their SQL Server environments while also enabling high performance. Some key features include:

  • Online staging and unstaging of databases
  • Configurable compression rates
  • No extra space required to begin compression
  • Minimizes fragmentation to optimize performance as the database is updated

NitroCompressor for SQL Server works on any edition of Microsoft SQL Server and is licensed at $1,295 per server. For more information on NitroCompressor for SQL Server, please visit

For more information and the latest updates from PASS Summit 2010 please visit

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Nitrosphere Corporation is a private company based in Austin, TX. Nitrosphere brings innovative solutions that use compression to save customers space and time, resulting in a hard dollar return on investment. For additional information on Nitrosphere Corporation, please visit

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