SEATTLE, NC – Nov 9, 2010 – SQL Sentry, Inc., the developer of award-winning software for Microsoft SQL Server, announced today the availability of SQL Sentry Plan Explorer - a FREE software tool that greatly improves how you work with SQL Server Query plans.

Plan Explorer builds upon the graphical plan view in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) to make query plan analysis more efficient. It contains many of the plan analysis features being introduced in SQL Sentry v6, but it does not require a collection service or database.

Plan Explorer Key Features include:

  • Estimated costs label uses color scaling by CPU, IO, or CPU+IO so highest cost operations are instantly obvious, even on larger plans.
  • Cumulative costs can be shown in lieu of per node costs, and when combined with color scaling it’s easy to see which subtrees are contributing most to the plan cost.
  • Optimized layout algorithms render plans in a more condensed view, so more of the plan fits on the screen without having to zoom out.
  • Top Operations view is a sortable list view of all plan operations, sorted descending by total cost by default so you can immediately see the highest cost operations.

“We had originally envisioned query analysis features only as part of the fully licensed version of SQL Sentry Performance Advisor,” said Greg Gonzalez, President and CEO of SQL Sentry. “However, the new features are so cool and useful that we wanted to share the tool with anyone that wants it. So, we are making it available to the SQL Server community for free!”

PASS Summit 2010 makes perfect sense for the official unveiling of SQL Sentry Plan Explorer. The SQL Server community is well represented at PASS and we expect that our new product will be widely utilized by the attendees as they return to their daily activities.  

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