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Aalam Rangi (Twitter Blog)
Aaron Bertrand (Twitter | Blog)
Aaron Jackson (Twitter | Blog
Aaron Lowe (Twitter | Blog)
Aaron Nelson (Twitter | Blog)
Adam Machanic (Twitter | Blog)
Adrian Hills (Twitter | Blog)
Alberto Ferrari (Twitter | Blog)
Alberto Lopez Grande (Twitter | Blog)
Alessandro Alpi (Twitter | Blog)
Alexander Kuznetsov (Twitter | Blog)
Alex Pixley (TwitterBlog)
Allan Hirt (Twitter | Blog)
Allen White (Twitter | Blog)
Andrea Allred (Twitter | Blog
Andreas Wolter (Twitter | Blog)
Andrew Brust (Twitter | Blog)
Andrew J. Kelly (Twitter | Blog)
Andrew Pruski (Twitter | Blog
Andrey Langovoy (Twitter | Blog
Andy Leonard (Twitter | Blog)
Andy Lohn (Twitter | Blog)
Andy Warren (Twitter | Blog)
Angela Henry (Twitter | Blog)
Anthony DiFranco (Twitter | Blog
Anthony Nocentino (Twitter | Blog)
Aravind Gurumoorthy (Twitter | Blog)
Arie Jones (Twitter | Blog)
Arnie Rowland (Twitter | Blog)
Artemakis Artemiou (Twitter | Blog)
Bart Duncan (Twitter | Blog)
Ben Miller (Twitter | Blog)
Benjamin Nevarez (Twitter | Blog)
Bill Barnes (Blog)
Bill Graziano (Twitter | Blog)
Björn Peters (Twitter | Blog)
Bob Beauchemin (Twitter | Blog)
Bob Myers (Twitter | Blog)
Bob Pusateri (Twitter | Blog)
Boris Hristov (Twitter | Blog)
Brad M McGehee (Twitter | Blog)
Bradley Ball (Twitter | Blog)
Brandon Williams (Twitter | Blog)
Brent Ozar (Twitter | Blog)
Brian Kelley (Twitter | Blog)
Bru Medishetty (Twitter | Blog)
Buck Woody (Twitter | Blog)
Cathrine Wilhelmsen (Twitter | Blog)
Chad Miller (Twitter | Blog)
Chris Bell (Twitter | Blog)
Chris Shaw (Twitter | Blog)
Chris Webb (Twitter | Blog)
Chris Yates (Twitter | Blog)
Christian Bolton (Twitter | Blog)
Christian Robert (Twitter | Blog)
Christopher Schmidt (Twitter | Blog)
Chuck Lathrope (Twitter | Blog)
Cindy Gross (Twitter | Blog)
Colin Stasiuk (Twitter | Blog)
Colleen Morrow (Twitter | Blog)
Craig Freedman (Twitter | Blog)
Craig Purnell (Twitter | Blog)
Cristian Lefter (Twitter | Blog)
CSS SQL Server Engineers (Twitter | Blog)
Dan English (Twitter | Blog)
Dan Holmes (Twitter | Blog)
Daniel Hutmacher (Twitter| Blog)
Dave Green (Twitter | Blog
Dave Mason (Twitter | Blog
David Klee (Twitter | Blog)
David Wimbush (Twitter | Blog)
Danilo Dominici (Twitter | Blog)
Dejan Sarka (Twitter | Blog)
Derek Colley (Twitter | Blog)
Derek Wilson (Twitter | Blog)
Denise McInerney (Twitter | Blog)
Denny Cherry (Twitter | Blog)
Devin Knight (Twitter | Blog)
Dinesh Priyankara (Twitter | Blog)
Dmitri Korotkevitch (Twitter | Blog)
Don Kiely (Twitter | Blog)
Donabel Santos (Twitter | Blog)
Doug Lane(Twitter | Blog)
Duane Douglas (Twitter | Blog)
Dukagjin Maloku (Twitter | Blog)
Ed Leighton-Dick (Twitter | Blog)
Ed Watson (Twitter | Blog)
Ellen Russell (Twitter | Blog)
Enrico van de Laar (Twitter | Blog)
Erin Stellato (Twitter | Blog)
Erik Ejlskov Jensen (Twitter | Blog)
Fernando Guerrero (Twitter | Blog)
GK Ranjan (Twitter | Blog)
Gail Shaw (Twitter | Blog)
Gavin Campbell (Twitter | Blog) 
Gavin Payne (Twitter | Blog)
Geoff Hiten (Twitter | Blog)
George Woods (Twitter | Blog)
Glenn Berry (Twitter | Blog)
Govoni Sergio (Twitter | Blog)
Grant Fritchey (Twitter | Blog)
Greg Larsen (Twitter | Blog)
Greg Low (Twitter | Blog)
Grumpy Old DBA (Twitter | Blog)
Guillermo Taylor (Twitter | Blog)
Haidong Ji (Twitter | Blog)
Hakan Winther (Twitter | Blog)
HarshDeep Singh (Twitter | Blog)
Hemantgiri S. Goswami (Twitter | Blog)
Hennie de Nooijer (Twitter | Blog)
Hernan Martin Demczuk (Twitter | Blog)
Hugo Kornelis (Twitter | Blog)
Jack Corbett (Twitter | Blog)
Jack Vamvas (Twitter | Blog)
Jahanzaib Hassan (Twitter | Blog)
James Hippolite (Twitter | Blog)
Jamie Thomson (Twitter | Blog)
James M. Dorame (Twitter | Blog)
Jamey Johnston (Twitter | Blog
Janos Berke (Twitter | Blog)
Jason Brimhall (Twitter | Blog)
Jason Carter (Twitter | Blog
Jason Clements (Twitter | Blog)
Jason Follas (Twitter | Blog)
Jason Horner (Twitter | Blog)
Jason Massie (Twitter | Blog)
Jason Strate (Twitter | Blog)
Jason Thomas (Twitter | Blog)
Jason Yosuef (Twitter | Blog)
Jasper Smith (Twitter | Blog)
Javier Guillen (Twitter | Blog)
Jaya Munnangi (Blog
Jeff Garbus (Twitter | Blog)
Jeff Schroeder (Twitter | Blog)
Jeff Smith (Twitter | Blog)
Jeffrey Verheul (Twitter | Blog)
Jen Stirrup (Twitter | Blog)
Jens Vestergaard (Twitter | Blog)
Jeremiah Peschka (Twitter | Blog)
Jeremy Huppatz (Twitter | Blog)
Jes Borland (Twitter | Blog)
Jessica Moss (Twitter | Blog)
Jesus Gil (Twitter | Blog)
Jim Arko (Twitter | Blog
Joe Chang (Twitter | Blog)
Joe Sack (Twitter | Blog)
Joe Webb (Twitter | Blog)
Johan Ahlen (Twitter Blog)
John Bulla (Twitter | Blog
John Sterrett (Twitter | Blog)
John Gallardo (Twitter | Blog)
John Magnabosco (Twitter | Blog)
John Paul Cook (Twitter | Blog)
John Racer (Twitter | Blog)
John O'Shea (Twitter | Blog)
John Sansom (Twitter | Blog)
John Welch (Twitter | Blog)
Jon Seigel (Twitter | Blog
Jonathan Allen (Twitter | Blog)
Jonathan Bloom (Twitter | Blog
Jonathan Kehayias (Twitter | Blog)
Jorg Klein (Twitter | Blog)
Jorge Segarra (Twitter | Blog)
Josef Richberg (Twitter | Blog)
Joshua Lynn (Twitter | Blog)
Kalen Delaney (Twitter | Blog)
Karen Lopez (Twitter | Blog
Kathi Kellenberger (Twitter | Blog)
Kelly Martinez (Twitter | Blog)
Ken Johnson (Twitter | Blog)
Ken Simmons (Twitter | Blog)
Kendal Van Dyke (Twitter | Blog)
Kendra Little (Twitter | Blog)
Kenneth Fisher (Twitter | Blog)
Kent Tegels (Twitter | Blog)
Kevin Kline (Twitter | Blog)
Key DBA (Twitter | Blog)
Kim Tessereau (Twitter | Blog)
Kimberly L Tripp (Twitter | Blog)
Kirk Haselden (Twitter | Blog)
Koen Verbeeck (Twitter | Blog
Kris Wenzel (Twitter | Blog)
Kurt Survance (Twitter | Blog)
Kyle Masters (Twitter | Blog)
Laerte Junior (Twitter | Blog)
Lara Rubbelke (Twitter | Blog)
Lars Rasmussen (Twitter | Blog)
Lawrence Overbey (Twitter | Blog)
Lee Everest (Twitter | Blog)
Leigh Freijo (Twitter | Blog)
Linchi Shea (Twitter | Blog)
Lori & Tim Edwards (Twitter | Blog)
Louis Davidson (Twitter | Blog)
Luca Bianchi (Twitter | Blog)
Luis Maldonado (Twitter | Blog)
Lukasz Pawlowski (Twitter | Blog)
Lynn Langit (Twitter | Blog
Lynn Pettis (Twitter | Blog)
Marco Russo (Twitter | Blog)
Marco Schreuder (Twitter | Blog)
Marcus Vinícius Bittencourt (Twitter | Blog)
Maria Zakourdaev (Twitter | Blog)
Mark Broadbent (Twitter | Blog)
Mark Caldwell (Twitter | Blog)
Mark Ginnebaugh (Twitter | Blog)
Mark S. Rasmussen (Twitter | Blog)
Mark Tabladillo (Twitter | Blog)
Mark Vaillancourt (Twitter | Blog
Marlon Ribunal (Twitter | Blog)
Martin Catherall (Twitter | Blog)
Matan Yungman (Twitter | Blog)
Matija Lah (Twitter | Blog)
Matt Lavery (Twitter | Blog)
Matt Silva (Twitter | Blog)
Matthew Campbell (Twitter | Blog)
Matthew Velic (Twitter | Blog)
Matthew Roche (Twitter | Blog)
Maximiliano Damian Accotto (Twitter | Blog)
Meagan Longoria (Twitter | Blog
Melanie Koorevaar (Twitter | Blog
Melissa Coates (Twitter | Blog)
Merrill Aldrich (Twitter | Blog)
Michael Albert (Twitter | Blog)
Michael Campbell (Twitter | Blog)
Michael Coles (Twitter | Blog)
Michael DeFehr (Twitter | Blog)
Michael Rys (Twitter | Blog)
Michael Swart (Twitter | Blog)
Michael Zilberstein (Twitter | Blog)
Michel Caradec (Twitter | Blog)
Michelle Ufford (Twitter | Blog)
Mickey Stuewe (Twitter | Blog)
Mike Ormond (Twitter | Blog)
Mike Walsh (Twitter | Blog)
Mindy Curnutt (Twitter | Blog)
Mitsugi Ogawa (Twitter | Blog)
Mohammed Hafeezuddin (Twitter | Blog)
Mohit Gupta (Twitter | Blog)
Monica Rathbun (Twitter | Blog)
Mosha Pasumansky (Twitter | Blog)
Mpumelelo Msimanga (Twitter | Blog)
Nancy Hidy Wilson (Twitter | Blog)
Neil Hambly (Twitter | Blog)
Nick Barclay (Twitter | Blog)
Niels Berglund (Twitter | Blog)
Nigel Sammy (Twitter | Blog)
Niko Neugebauer (Twitter | Blog)
Noel McKinney (Twitter | Blog)
Oliver Asmus (Twitter | Blog)
Olivier Meyer (Twitter | Blog)
Orhan Akdogan (Twitter | Blog)
PASS Blog (Twitter | Blog)
Patrick Keisler (Twitter | Blog)
Patrick LeBlanc (Twitter | Blog)
Pat Wright (Twitter | Blog)
Paul Nielsen (Twitter | Blog)
Paul Paiva (Twitter | Blog)
Paul Randal (Twitter | Blog)
Paul te Braak (Twitter | Blog)
Paul Turley (Twitter | Blog)
Paul White (Twitter | Blog)
Peter DeBetta (Twitter | Blog)
Phil Factor (Twitter | Blog)
Pieter Vanhove (Twitter | Blog)
Pinalkumar Dave (Twitter | Blog)
Plamen Ratchev (Twitter | Blog)
Preethiviraj Kulasingham (Twitter | Blog)
Prince Rastogi (Twitter | Blog)
R Barry Young (Twitter | Blog)
Rafael Salas (Twitter | Blog)
Rafik Robeal (Twitter | Blog)
Ronen Ariely (Twitter| Blog)
Ramkumar Gopal (Twitter | Blog)
Randy Knight (Twitter | Blog)
RDX (Twitter | Blog
Régis Baccaro (Twitter | Blog)
Remus Rusanu (Twitter | Blog
Reza Rad (Twitter | Blog)
Rhys Campbell (Twitter | Blog)
Ricardo Leka Roveri (Twitter | Blog)
Richard Douglas (Twitter | Blog)
Richard Fryer (Twitter | Blog)
Richard Hundhausen (Twitter | Blog)
Richard Weiss (Twitter | Blog)
Rick Heiges (Twitter | Blog)
Rick Lowe (Twitter | Blog)
Rob Carrol (Twitter | Blog)
Rob Farley (Twitter | Blog)
Rob Garrison (Twitter | Blog)
Rob Kerr (Twitter | Blog
Rob Reid (Twitter | Blog
Rob Sewell (Twitter | Blog
Robert Cain (Twitter | Blog)
Robert Matthew Cook (Twitter | Blog)
Robert L Davis (Twitter | Blog)
Robert Pearl (Twitter | Blog)
Roberto Pozo (Twitter | Blog)
Rodney Landrum (Twitter |Blog)
Roger Doherty (Twitter | Blog)
Roger Wolter (Twitter | Blog)
Roman Horolskiy (Twitter | Blog)
Roman Rehak (Twitter | Blog)
Roy Ernest (Twitter | Blog)
Rushabh Mehta (Twitter | Blog)
Russ Thomas (Twitter | Blog)
Ryan Adams (Twitter | Blog)
Samson Loo (Twitter | Blog)
Samuel Vanga (Twitter | Blog)
Sarabpreet Singh (Twitter | Blog)
Sankar Reddy (Twitter | Blog)
Sarah Henwood (Twitter | Blog)
Satya Shyam K Jayanty (Twitter | Blog)
Scott Klein (Twitter | Blog)
Scott Stauffer (Twitter | Blog)
Sedat Salman (Twitter | Blog)
Sethu Srinivasan (Twitter | Blog)
Shahfaisal Muhammed (Twitter | Blog)
Shaun Stuart (Twitter | Blog)
Sherbaz Mohamed (Twitter | Blog)
Shyam Viking (Twitter | Blog)
Sid Atkinson Jr (Twitter | Blog)
Siddharth Mehta (Twitter | Blog)
Simon Abbott (Twitter | Blog)
Simon Doubt (Twitter | Blog)
Simon Sabin (Twitter | Blog)
SQLSaturday (Twitter | Blog)
SQL CAT (Twitter | Blog)
SQL CLR Integration Team (Twitter | Blog)
SQL Programmability & API Development Team Blog (Twitter | Blog)
SQL Server Compact Team Blog (Twitter | Blog)
SQL Server Documentation Team (Twitter | Blog)
SQL Server Engine Tips (Twitter | Blog)
SQL Server Express Web Log (Twitter | Blog)
SQL Server Manageability Team Blog (Twitter | Blog)
SQL Server News (Twitter | Blog)
SQL Server Premier Field Engineering Blog (Twitter | Blog)
SQL Server Protocol Team (Twitter | Blog)
SQL Server Service Broker Team Blog (Twitter | Blog)
SSIS Team Blog (Twitter | Blog)
Stacia Misner (Twitter | Blog)
Staffan Olofsson (Twitter | Blog)
Stefan Bauer (Twitter | Blog)
Steiner Anderson (Twitter | Blog)
Stéphane Fréchette (Twitter | Blog)
Stephen Arbour (Twitter | Blog)
Steve Hood (Twitter | Blog)
Steve Jones (Twitter | Blog)
Steve Kass (Twitter | Blog)
Steve Lasker (Twitter | Blog)
Steve Simon (Twitter Blog)
Steve Wake (Twitter | Blog)
Steven Ormrod (Twitter | Blog)
Steven White (Twitter | Blog)
Stuart Ainsworth (Twitter | Blog)
Suprotim Agarwal (Twitter | Blog)
S.V. Nagaraj (Twitter | Blog)
Szymon Wójcik (Twitter | Blog)
Takahiro Matsumoto (Twitter | Blog)
Tara Kizer (Twitter | Blog)
Ted Krueger (Twitter | Blog)
Ted Stathakis (TwitterBlog)
Teo Lachev (Twitter | Blog)
Tharindu Dhaneenja (Twitter | Blog)
Thomas LaRock (Twitter | Blog)
Thomas Rushton (Twitter | Blog)
Tibor Karaszi (Twitter | Blog)
Tillmann Eitelberg (Twitter | Blog)
Tim Mitchell (Twitter | Blog)
Timothy Benninghoff (Twitter | Blog)
Timothy Ford (Twitter | Blog)
Tjay Belt (Twitter | Blog)
Tobiasz Koprowski (Twitter | Blog)
Todd McDermid (Twitter | Blog)
Tom Mills (Twitter | Blog)
Tom Norman (Twitter | Blog)
Tomislav Piasevoli (Twitter | Blog)
Tony O'Grady (Twitter | Blog)
Tony Rogerson (Twitter | Blog)
Torsten Schuessler (Twitter | Blog)
Tracy McKibben (Twitter | Blog) 
Troy Blake (Twitter | Blog)
Turgay Sahtiyan (Twitter | Blog)
Tushar Ghodake (Twitter | Blog)
Valentino Vranken (Twitter | Blog)
Varinder Sandhu (Twitter | Blog
Venkatesan (Twitter | Blog)
Vidas Matelis (Twitter | Blog)
Vidhya Sagar (Twitter | Blog)
Visakh Murukesan (Twitter | Blog)
Vishal Pawar (Twitter | Blog)
VS Data Team (Twitter | Blog)
Ward Pond (Twitter | Blog)
Wayne Snyder (Twitter | Blog)
Wayne Sheffield (Twitter | Blog)
Wes Brown (Twitter | Blog) 
Wes Dumey (Twitter | Blog)
Wes Springob (Twitter | Blog)
Whitney Weaver (Twitter | Blog)
William Assaf (Twitter | Blog)
Yoshishiro Kawabata (Twitter | Blog)
Zach Owens (Twitter | Blog)
Zoltan Horvath (Twitter | Blog)