PASS is committed to becoming more relevant to SQL Server communities around the world, not only in how we operate organizationally today but also in how we define strategies for tomorrow.

We need your ideas, feedback, guidance, and participation. We encourage you to check out the Global Growth resources page to learn more about PASS’s shared global vision, our international event models, and new governance proposals. Make your voice heard through Twitter chats, town hall meetings, focus groups, and surveys. Feel free to also contact us directly.

What's New: Let us know how you feel about our regional classifications. Read some of our resources in Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Thamizh - more languages coming soon!

PASS’s vision to facilitate the sharing of SQL Server learning in communities around the world involves:

  • Engagement and Relevance: Making content and communications relevant for an international audience to help people connect, learn and share across boundaries of geography, language, and time.
  • Events: Our event model PASS SQLSaturday is being embraced by many international communities – we will continue to validate and update this event model and evaluate future event models for suitability and execution. 
  • Balanced Representation: Balanced international community representation for the PASS Board of Directors is key– we need a governance structure that will enable PASS to better reflect the community it supports.

Remember – we need your help. Please take advantage of any and all of our feedback channels and share your thoughts.


We have a community where lifelong learning and connections encourage each other to excel. These global growth initiatives are about better serving each and every SQL Server community and professional no matter where they are. It's a global solution to a global opportunity.