April 29, 2014 – The call for PASS Nomination Committee applications opens in just two weeks. Thinking about throwing your hat into the elections ring for this year’s three community NomCom seats? Here’s some information to help you get ready.

The NomCom manages the PASS Board of Directors elections process, qualifying, interviewing, and ranking potential candidates. A final slate is then submitted to the Board for approval. In addition, this year’s NomCom is charged with streamlining the process for involving and evaluating candidates and with enhancing opportunities for community engagement in the elections.

Immediate Past President Bill Graziano will chair the five-member NomCom, which will include three elected community representatives reflecting the three seats up for election on the PASS Board this year: one US/Canada seat and two open seats. A representative appointed by the PASS Board will round out the committee.

To be eligible to run for the NomCom, candidates must have a demonstrable track record of volunteering with PASS – such as serving as a Regional Mentor, Chapter or Virtual Chapter Leader, or Program Committee member – and participating in other volunteer endeavors. Note that as an essential part of the PASS Board elections process, the NomCom requires significant time and effort. By applying for the NomCom, applicants agree to the time commitments of the entire general election process, including Board applicant interviews.

Thinking of running?

“There is no better way to contribute to the health of the PASS community than serving on the NomCom,” notes PASS Regional Mentor Ryan Adams, who served on last year’s committee. “You are vetting the future directors of the organization, who will provide strategic guidance, long-term growth, and stability to the community we love. It’s not just an opportunity to interview and ensure solid and motivated candidates for the community, it’s also a responsibility that has immense rewards.”

Fellow 2013 NomCom member Erin Stellato adds that serving the SQL Server community through the NomCom is about more than giving back. “It's about having the opportunity to really get to know the community members who choose to run for the Board, and then taking that information and helping the greater community decide who the best people are for the job,” she says. “The NomCom also gives you the chance to better understand the PASS organization as a whole and starts the wheels turning about other ways you can make a difference.”

Remember that to be eligible to vote in the NomCom and PASS Board elections, members must update their PASS profile by June 1. Whether you join the conversation about how to improve the organization, support your favorite candidates and vote, or run for office yourself, please get involved and help shape the future of PASS.

For more information about PASS’s elections process and running for the NomCom, contact PASS HQ Governance Administrator Janice Simpson.