Re-Launch of SQL Server Standard Magazine

Today we’re pleased to feature the first issue of the newly re-launched SQL Server Standard magazine. Those of you who have been PASS members for a while will remember that the Standard served as our flagship magazine for many years until we had to halt production due to rising print costs. It’s taken a while to get going again, but we’re now offering it again in a much streamlined PDF format – for free to our members!

I wrote in greater detail about the history and vision for the Standard in my blog, but the short story is that it should be a place for our members to showcase their skills and provide value to our members.

People often ask me how they can help PASS, so here’s a great example of how you can help:

  • Download it, read it, and send us comments (forums for the issues are coming soon, for now you can send to me at Was it a good article? Is there an article you’d like to see written?
  • Forward the PDF  to every SQL user you know with a short into, tell them why it’s worth a few minutes of their time
  • Consider writing an article for us. You have to have some experience under your belt, but if you’re interested contact Grant Fritchey ( to get the full scoop. If we accept your idea and you get it done, you’ll net a cool $500 – you’ll earn every penny of it!

Going forward we’ll call out new issues right here in the Connector. We’ll also evolve our formula as we learn more, with a hard focus on sustainability. If we get things going and we can do more, we will.

Andy Warren