As we get deeper into the logistics and planning process for 2010 PASS Summit, Craig Ellis  from PASS HQ sent out an email today asking if we wanted to plan broadcasting a live track at the summit for the community not in attendance. This was based on some feedback and suggestions we had received from a couple of board and community members. I have put the discussion in front of the board and also want to solicit your input. Some of the considerations the board will need to weigh include...

  • What portion of the summit should be broadcast live - should we have a single room from where presentations are delivered to summit attendees and also broadcast live? What about keynotes ?
  • What would the logistics need to be and can we sustain the logistics in the summit activities - this may include handling Q&A from the online audience, any other audience interaction and overall management.
  • What is the additional cost of doing this? Is there also added bandwidth requirements on-site to permit this activity?
  • Should we host a virtual vendor pavilion as well?
  • How do we pay for the costs - can we make this offering cost neutral?
  • What technology platform would best serve our needs?
  • Should we charge for the virtual offering to stay cost neutral or keep it free to the community and find alternate ways to pay for it?


Please share your thoughts with the board through your comments here. If at a preliminary glance we feel that there is enough merit to have an online presence, then the next step will be to start evaluating some online platforms and also pros and cons along with costs. We will try and include some members from the community to help us with the platform evaluation.