El Capítulo Virtual Global en Español les da la Bienvenida

22 de enero 2013 – ¿Estás buscando entrenamiento SQL Server de calidad, en español? No busques más, el nuevo capítulo virtual global en español de PASS lo tiene, con sus dos sesiones en línea mensuales, como la sesión de hoy, “Análisis Predictivo con SQL Analysis Services 2012” impartida por Alan Koo de Puerto Rico.

“Nos emociona mucho poder brindar entrenamiento gratuito, de SQL Server, a todos los hispano hablantes. Hemos tenido asistentes de todo el mundo, incluidos México, Puerto Rico, Perú, Colombia, España, Estados Unidos, Canadá y hasta de China,” señala Miguel Angel Granados Troncoso quién se encarga de la logística de los eventos del capítulo virtual.

El capítulo virtual global en español es en realidad una extensión de lo que se inició en 2009 como una opción de reunión en línea para el Capítulo Virtual de PASS en México. En 2010, el capítulo suspendido las reuniones físicas por completo en favor de las sesiones web, y el otoño pasado, se convirtió en el capítulo global de habla hispana para los profesionales de SQL Server alrededor del mundo.

Próximamente el capítulo virtual contara con la participación de otros reconocidos expertos en SQL Server, como Rafael Salas, José Luis Rivera (quién se encarga de la difusión de los eventos del capítulo virtual) y Héctor Jiménez, el capítulo virtual cubrirá una gran variedad de temas enfocados a SQL Server 2012 entre los que destacan desarrollo y administración de bases de datos, Business Intelligence, big data, alta disponibilidad y más. Las sesiones son grabadas y archivadas en el sitio web del capítulo virtual para que puedan ser vistas posteriormente por los miembros; se pueden registrar al capítulo virtual global en español desde la página de los capítulos virtuales de PASS.

El capítulo virtual trabaja continuamente en un repositorio de recursos de BI y SQL Server en español bajo el liderazgo de Héctor Eugenio Jiménez y la colaboración de Miguel y José en la búsqueda de otros voluntarios que quieran participar en el capítulo. Héctor dejo la siguiente invitación “Si están interesados en contribuir o tienen alguna idea o quieren hacer alguna pregunta, no duden en ponerse en contacto conmigo ya que juntos tenemos muchas oportunidades de apoyar a la comunidad de habla hispana.”

Spanish Virtual Chapter Says, ¡Bienvenidos!

[Read en Español]

January 21, 2013 – Searching for quality SQL Server training in Spanish? Look no further than PASS’s new Global Spanish Virtual Chapter, which is hosting two free web sessions a month, including today’s “Análisis Predictivo con SQL Analysis Services 2012” by Alan Koo of Puerto Rico.

“We’re excited to be able to deliver free SQL Server training for everybody who speaks Spanish,” notes Miguel Granados Troncoso, who handles events logistics for the VC. “We have attendees joining us from all over the world, including Mexico, Puerto Rico, Peru, Colombia, Spain, the US, Canada, and even China.”

The Global Spanish VC is actually an extension of what began in 2009 as an online meeting option for the Mexico PASS Chapter. In 2010, the chapter suspended physical meetings altogether in favor of web sessions, and last fall, it transitioned to a Virtual Chapter for Spanish-speaking SQL Server professionals around the world.

Other well-known SQL Server experts coming up on the VC lineup include Rafael Salas, José Luis Rivera (who serves as the VC's evangelist), and Hector Jiménez, with the VC covering a wide array of topics, including SQL Server 2012, database development and administration, business intelligence, big data, high availability, and more. The sessions are also recorded and archived on the VC website for on-demand replay by members; you can sign up for the VC on the PASS Virtual Chapters page.

The VC is working on building a repository of SQL Server and BI resources in Spanish and the leadership team of VC President Hector Eugenio Jiménez, Miguel, and José is seeking speakers and other volunteers to help manage the group. “If you’re interested in contributing or have any ideas or questions, don’t hesitate to contact me,” invites Hector. “We have so many opportunities to serve the Spanish-speaking community.”

AppDev Virtual Chapter Seeking Volunteers

January 7, 2013 – After a year of transition, the PASS Application Development Virtual Chapter is ready for a fresh start, with this week’s call for volunteers and its first meeting of 2013 scheduled for Feb. 8.

The AppDev VC – one of PASS’s earliest virtual chapters – currently has 10,750 subscribers. After suspending meetings mid-way through last year, the VC is looking to get back on track delivering free webcasts and other resources for application developers working with SQL Server, including information on T-SQL, SQL Server Management Objects (SMO), .NET and CLR integration, ORMs, LINQ, best practices, and more.

“SQL Server is a powerful cornerstone to any data-driven application,” notes new VC leader Gabe Villa. “And knowing how to take advantage of its features can decrease development time and increase application performance.”

Kelly Martinez will present the VC’s first meeting this year, covering “ORMs from A to Z to SQL Server ” Feb. 8 at noon MT/19:00 GMT. To start with, the VC will host a webcast the second Friday of every month and looks to grow from there. To keep up with the latest AppDev VC meetings and news, you can subscribe to the VC on the PASS Virtual Chapters page.

“I’m also looking for volunteers to join me in leading the group and updating our website to make it a valuable resource, such as adding exclusive SQL Server development articles and links to the best learning and support sites,” Gabe adds. “I’d love to hear everyone’s ideas.”

Interested in volunteering, or have suggestions for what you'd like to see from the AppDev VC? Email appdev_DL@sqlpass.org and join the discussion on Twitter (@passappdev) and the VC’s new LinkedIn Group.


Amendments to PASS Bylaws – Member Review Open Until Feb 8

January 6, 2013 – The PASS Board of Directors has been diligently working the past couple of years to address the needs and issues of a growing worldwide PASS community. A concerted focus on global growth issues began in 2011 with the appointment of international advisors and continued in 2012 with Global Growth proposals being put forward for your input.
PASS received valuable feedback from the town hall and community leader meetings and Twitter chats, as well as on the published vision document describing how to reorganize PASS to address the needs of a global SQL Server community. Based on your feedback, many meetings, and legal review, the Board has revised the PASS bylaws to reflect where PASS is today and where it wants to be tomorrow.
Now it’s your turn to review the proposed bylaw changes and let us know if you have any comments. You can read:
•         Current bylaws (adopted April 2010)
•         Proposed bylaws (2012)
•         Blackline comparison of the proposed bylaws against the current version
•         Minutes from recent Board meeting

Bylaws define the basic principles of an organization and are important for continuity and guidance, especially for not-for-profit organizations that have changing leadership at the Board level. Bylaws enshrine what is key to PASS’s understanding of itself and how it chooses to operate, and they are not something the Board chooses to open and review lightly.
We appreciate you taking the time to review the new bylaws. All comments are welcome until Friday, February 8, 2013. Please send your feedback to governance@sqlpass.org. The Board of Directors will be discussing your feedback on the proposed bylaws at its January in-person meeting, with the final vote slated for February 14, 2013.
Once finalized and approved by the Board of Directors, these bylaws will be posted on the PASS Governance page. More detailed descriptions of how the PASS Board and organization conduct daily business are not included in the bylaws but are rather captured in policies documents, which the Board will be finalizing in 2013 and publishing to the community.
PASS’s commitment to global growth is not restricted to these bylaw changes. This is just one step on the continuing path toward greater engagement, relevance, and balanced representation for the global SQL Server community. We appreciate your feedback, and we’re excited about where PASS is heading and what we can accomplish together.

2012: Oh, the Places We’ve Been!

2012 has been an amazing year for PASS in so many ways, it’s hard to know where to begin reflecting on the last 12 months. So let me start by simply saying “Thank you.” Thank you to the thousands of incredible PASS volunteers and everyone who organized, presented, or participated in over 540,000 technical training hours delivered to the global SQL Server community this calendar year.

PASS is 127,000 members strong and growing, and we owe it all to our vibrant grassroots communities. We currently have over 250 local PASS Chapters in more than 65 countries and 20 Virtual Chapters, including six new this year: Big Data, DBA Fundamentals, Master Data/Data Quality, and the language-based PASS Portuguese, Spanish and Global Chinese Language.

Beefing up our support for Chapters, Virtual Chapters, and local event organizers worldwide, PASS welcomed the addition of Niko Neugebauer as a Community Evangelist working alongside Karla Landrum. We also rolled out new and improved chapter tools to help leaders better and more easily serve their communities (see Allen Kinsel’s blog post about the enhancements) and debuted new MyPASS functionality that helps members easily manage their profiles and chapter subscriptions.

Local communities hosted 79 free SQLSaturdays this year – nearly an 80% increase over last year – with 30 of those events outside the US. (See Kendal Van Dyke’s SQLSaturday fiscal year-end report for some great details.)  Just this month alone, we’ve had SQLSaturdays in Tokyo, Istanbul, and Washington, DC, with Nepal rounding out the year this weekend. And the 2013 SQLSaturday schedule is filling up fast.

The popular 24 Hours of PASS virtual events branched out into Portuguese and Russian versions this year, joining the annual Spanish and spring and fall English editions. And we saw SQLRally events in Dallas and Copenhagen, with a mini-event in Russia. More international SQLRally events are in the planning, including the 3rd annual Nordic SQLRally tentatively slated for November 2013. In addition, PASS was proud to sponsor nine non-PASS community events internationally in 2012.

And of course, we’re still celebrating a record-breaking PASS Summit, with nearly 4,000 attendees joining us in Seattle last month for the largest gathering of SQL Server and BI professionals in the world. All these events and associated recordings add up to 540,000+ technical training hours – or as I like to think of them, touches that improved someone’s SQL Server skills or professional development. With the inaugural PASS Business Analytics Conference in Chicago April 10-12, we’ll increase our data community reach by supporting business analysts, data scientists, architects, and BA/BI practitioners.

Throughout this year, PASS has also worked hard to ensure that global considerations permeate all aspects of what we do, focusing on making content and communications relevant for an international audience across geography, language, and time and validating and updating our event models for international communities. You can learn more about these initiatives on PASS’s Global Growth microsite. Next up is ensuring balanced international community representation on the PASS Board of Directors, with the Board working on proposed by-law changes to allow designating Board seats by geographic region. Stay tuned to provide additional community feedback once the proposed changes are published early next year.

As successful as this year has been, we still have much to do to better serve the community. And I believe the best is yet to come for PASS, thanks to your commitment to connect, share, and learn with each other. Looking forward to 2013, I’m proud to paraphrase the great Dr. Seuss: “Congratulations! Today is our day. We’re off to Great Places! We're off and away!”

Board Portfolios for the New Year

As 2012 draws to a close, I’m growing increasingly excited about the start of another year full of opportunities for PASS. With the Board of Directors elections completed and a new Board starting in 2013, it’s time to assign portfolios for the upcoming year. Next year sees the return of an old portfolio and the combining of some existing portfolios. It also brings us both returning Board members and new leaders.

Adam Jorgensen headed up the Summit Program portfolio this year and will return to that position next year, leading the team that selects the amazing educational sessions for the largest SQL Server and BI training and networking event in the world. The Program Committee just completed its work for Seattle and is gearing up for PASS Summit 2013 in Charlotte.

Denise McInerney will return to the Virtual Chapters portfolio next year and will also handle 24 Hours of PASS. There are many similarities between these portfolios as well as cross-portfolio opportunities, so it makes sense to assign them to a single director.

Rob Farley
 will guide the SQLSaturday portfolio. These events are seeing tremendous growth throughout the world. With our continued focus on serving members around the globe, we expect these free events to reach and positively impact even more members in 2013.

James Rowland-Jones, elected to the Board after serving a 1-year appointment, will continue leading the Global Growth portfolio. We’ve made great strides in the past year getting feedback and laying the groundwork for better supporting the global community. Now it’s time to build on that work and put the next steps into action.

Wendy Pastrick will begin her term on the Board by leading our Chapters portfolio. PASS’s support of local Chapters through Regional Mentors, Community Evangelists, tools, best practices, and more has grown tremendously over the last few years, but there’s still much to do.

Sri Sridharan
, also newly elected to the Board, will guide the returning Volunteers portfolio. As we continue to grow PASS’s volunteer pool, it’s important to have a dedicated a team to coordinate volunteer activities across the organization. Although this portfolio has existed in the budget, it hasn’t had anyone assigned to it for several years. We are still defining exactly how the Volunteers portfolio will align with our other portfolios, but by the end of 2013, we expect to see more volunteers, better organized, and with greater recognition for their valuable contributions.

In addition to the PASS Executive Committee – consisting of myself; Executive VP, Finance, Douglas McDowell; VP, Marketing, Thomas LaRock; and Past President Rushabh Mehta – as well as Founding Partner Board members from CA and Microsoft, this is the team that will lead PASS for the upcoming year. Please congratulate them on their portfolio assignments and offer them all the support you can. We’re expecting great things from them.

Welcome, Beijing and Taiwan Chapters

A warm welcome to PASS’s two newest local Chapters: the PASS Beijing Chapter and the PASS Taiwan Chapter. The Beijing Chapter – founded by Sun Wei, Song YunJian, and Zhang Quan – will hold its first meeting December 11 on “SQL Performance Tuning.” The Taiwan Chapter, led by Po Chen and Byron Hul, will host its debut meeting December 1. Check out the photos of the new Chapter leadership teams taken PASS Summit 2012 and a video from the Beijing group.


Fresh Start for Azure Virtual Chapter

The sky’s the limit for the refreshed PASS Azure Virtual Chapter, focused on Windows Azure and cloud computing, with a steady breeze of SQL Database flowing through its free training and networking for the PASS community.

“Azure and cloud computing are part of the new wave of technology advancement,” says Nigel Sammy, the Virtual Chapter’s leader. “We’re here to help spread knowledge about the technology and provide information that empowers IT professionals to make decisions about whether and when to adopt this technology and how best to apply it to their needs.”

Nigel volunteered earlier this year to help reboot the PASS SQL Azure Virtual Chapter. While the VC was in reboot phase, Microsoft renamed SQL Azure to SQL Database, causing the VC’s leadership team to consider renaming the group as well as changing its focus. The result is the PASS Azure Virtual Chapter, launched in September, under the leadership of Nigel, co-leader Paras Doshi, and webmaster Jose Rivera.

Microsoft Principal Cloud Evangelist Brian Prince presented the VC’s debut session, “Getting Started with Windows Azure.” And Herve Roggero, SQL Azure MVP and co-author of Pro SQL Azure, spoke on "In-Depth Azure’s No-SQL with Azure Tables" in November, with the VC currently making arrangements with Scott Klein for its December meeting. All sessions are recorded and archived for on-demand viewing.

The VC covers topics on Azure and cloud computing, with the PASS community sure to appreciate sessions on SQL Database (SQL Azure) or those that include information about it. If you are interested in speaking at one of the VC meetings, you can contact Nigel.

With the VC's mission to enable Azure knowledge sharing and create a network of Azure and cloud computing professionals, “the goal for next year is to have at least one meeting every month,” Nigel notes, “and to also have some sessions done in various countries and languages so that the Azure community we’re helping build is truly a global community.”

The VC is still working on its meeting schedule to accommodate the most attendees and is also looking at how to serve members in different time zones. You can find information about future meetings on the Azure VC website, the PASS Events page, and via email notifications to VC members and Twitter.

In addition to meeting information, the VC website also has a resources page, which includes links to related blogs and articles. Anyone interested in joining the Azure VC can do so via the PASS Virtual Chapters page. And the VC is always looking for extra assistance – if you’d like to volunteer with the Azure VC, please contact any of the team members.


PASS Summit 2012: What an Adventure

What a whirlwind week of conversation, learning, and laughter. Attendees, speakers, sponsors, and volunteers hit the ground running last week at a record-breaking PASS Summit 2012 in Seattle, where they came and conquered all things SQL Server. From kick-off keynote presentations and deep-dive technical sessions to interactive lunches, creative networking opportunities, and a sold-out Expo Hall, PASS Summit 2012 offered something for absolutely everyone. The sense of community was felt at every turn and knew no linguistic or geographic boundaries - old friends became reacquainted and new friendships were forged.  As evidenced by the community blogs and Flickr photo streams, the SQL Server Community took advantage of every opportunity to connect, share, and learn.

Throughout PASS Summit 2012, attendees had to go out of their way not to connect with each other. The PASS Community Zone (a new addition this year) provided a one-stop shop where attendees met user group leaders, SQLSaturday organizers, PASS Community Evangelists, and other SQL Server community groups. First-time attendees participated in a professional networking session and PASS Summit orientation and were connected with an alumni mentor to learn the ropes and get the most out of their PASS Summit experience. Chapter, Women in Technology, and Birds of a Feather luncheons and fun evening events rounded out the experience. It was impossible to leave PASS Summit without making a new connection and sharing in the #SQLFamily love.

There was no shortage of knowledge at this year’s PASS Summit. Beyond the 150+ speakers sharing their expertise in technical sessions, Microsoft developers talked about the functionalities and features they actually wrote in the  new hit “I Made That!” Developer Chalk Talks, with CSS and SQLCAT experts sharing their troubleshooting and architecture insights in the packed SQL Server Clinic. You can’t get that kind of SQL Server knowledge and one-on-one guidance and support under one roof anywhere else in the world. Everyone was open to sharing their knowledge and skills – in the hallways, at dinner, over coffee - it was a sight to see!

Learning trumped all at PASS Summit 2012. Microsoft keynote presenters Ted Kummert and Quentin Clark updated the crowd with the latest news, including the in-memory solution code-named Project “Hekaton” and the next version of SQL Server 2012 Parallel Data Warehouse. Whether attendees were soaking it all in at their favorite of 190+ technical training sessions, talking about their implementations over lunch, trying out a Hands-On Lab, or visiting the Expo Hall – they were learning. And community members around the world joined in the experience via PASS TV’s live streaming.  The learning doesn’t need to end there. All PASS Summit Conference session recordings are now available for purchase on USB flash drive (attendees can also choose a download option and will have the opportunity to stream the 2012 sessions for free).

Next Steps: What Did You Think?
For those of you who were able to join us at PASS Summit 2012, thank you. The community is the driving force behind everything that PASS does, and your feedback is very important to us. Today attendees will receive an email with a link to our evaluation questionnaire. Completed evaluations will be entered for a chance to win a complimentary PASS Summit 2013 conference pass, so watch your Inbox for the link.

See You at PASS Summit 2013
Next year, PASS Summit’s incredible training and networking will head east to Charlotte, NC, October 15-18, to keep your SQL Server juices flowing. A discounted registration rate of $1,095 is available until January 4, and alumni can use the special ALUMNI3D code to get an additional $100 off that registration rate. Register now, enjoy the savings, and we’ll see you in Charlotte!

Join in “SQL Around the World” at the Community Zone!

Attending PASS Summit 2012? Want a chance to win a Microsoft Surface? Make sure you come by the Community Zone Wednesday and pick up your official “SQL Around the World” game card. If you’re wondering what the Community Zone is, you can read a couple of blog posts: one here by PASS Community Evangelist Niko Neugebauer and the other here by Jason Brimhall.

In a nutshell, the Community Zone is a place for Summit attendees who want to stay involved in the SQL Server community year-round. Come talk with PASS Community Evangelists, user group leaders, SQLSaturday organizers, and other SQL Server community groups about how you can participate.

During Summit, a variety of daily activities will be going on at the Community Zone, but the one you won’t want to miss is the “SQL Around the World” networking game. We hear about a first-time attendee to Summit who didn’t talk with anyone, or that those who know each other all just hang out in the same groups, making it tough for someone new to feel like they can join in. To help break through some of those barriers, we’ve come up with “SQL Around the World.”

Here’s how to play: 

  1. First, come by the Community Zone and get your official game card. You’ll want to do this early Wednesday so that you have as much time as possible to get your card filled out before the drawing on Friday. 
  2. Then, start finding other attendees who do not live in your home country. You must meet with at least 10 to fill in the 10 spots available on the card. Each person you list must be from a different country than the others on your card, so no two attendees from the same country can be listed on your card. There are 57 countries and over 4,000 attendees represented at Summit this year, so finding people from 10 different countries should be easy. 
  3. But not so fast. Because this is about networking, we want to be sure you are engaging in a conversation with the people you meet. So you must also list on your card an interesting fact about that person or their country. 
  4. By Friday at 11:00am, drop off your “SQL Around the World” game card at the Community Zone. Everyone who meets 10 individuals and fills up their game card will be in the drawing for a chance to win either a Microsoft Surface tablet or a $250 American Express gift card. The drawing will be held in the Exhibitor’s Hall at approximately 11:15am, and you must be present to win.
  5. As part of a spin-off of the above, we have another contest that involves pictures. Those who snap the most photos of themselves with the 10 attendees they’ve met will be entered in a second drawing, and will win whatever the first winner doesn’t select (the Surface or the Amex Gift Card). 

Sound hard? Or feel you can’t possibly randomly walk up to someone you don’t know and talk to them? We can help with that, too. On the back of the game card, we’ve provided some talking points and tips on what you can say to start a conversation with a fellow attendee. No matter where we’re from, everyone here at Summit shares a common language: SQL Server! That alone should make it easier for you to start chatting with someone. So be sure to stop by the Community Zone, get your card, and start networking. Even if you don’t win a grand prize, you’ll be a winner because of the connections you make this week!