Become a Better Speaker

PASS recommends you review the webinar "Intro to Speaking at PASS: Creating a Winning Abstract (If I Can Do It, Anyone Can!)," by Chuck Heinzelman (on-demand replay). Download PowerPoint & Presentation.

Interested in Speaking at PASS Events?

Please contact Marcella McKeown at PASS HQ.

Why Should You Speak at the PASS events?

  • To help the SQL Server community by sharing your expertise and experience
  • To enhance your reputation as a member of the SQL Server community
  • To continually improve your speaking skills

Tips for Completing Your Abstract Submissions

To give you an idea of what makes an abstract successful and to help you submit the best session proposals possible, we have prepared a few helpful documents and included links to sessions from previous PASS events: 

PASS Summit 2014 - Program Committee Members

PASS Program Management Team

  • Amy Lewis, PASS Program Director
  • Lance Harra, PASS Program Manager
  • Melissa Coates, PASS Program Manager

PASS Program Abstract Review Teams

Application & Database Development (APPDEV)

  • Angela Henry, PASS Abstract Review Team Lead
  • Andy Eggers, PASS Abstract Review
  • Jason Horner, PASS Abstract Review
  • Jose R. Guay, PASS Abstract Review
  • Louis Davidson, PASS Abstract Review
  • Martin Catherall, PASS Abstract Review
  • Paul te Braak, PASS Abstract Review
  • Rick Heiges, PASS Abstract Review
  • Robert Miller, PASS Abstract Review
  • Sanil Mhatre, PASS Abstract Review

BI Information Delivery (BID)

  • Scott Murray, PASS Abstract Review Team Lead
  • John Jakubowski, PASS Abstract Review
  • Pat Wright, PASS Abstract Review
  • Timothy P. McAililey, PASS Abstract Review

BI Platform Architecture, Development & Administration (BIA)

  • Ted Krueger, PASS Abstract Review Team Lead
  • Anil Maharjan, PASS Abstract Review
  • Bob Pusateri, PASS Abstract Review
  • Chris Wilson, PASS Abstract Review
  • Gavin Campbell, PASS Abstract Review
  • Michael Essen, PASS Abstract Review
  • Ranjith Nair, PASS Abstract Review
  • Sherwin Anderson, PASS Abstract Review
  • Wolfgang Strasser, PASS Abstract Review
  • Yaxing Liu, PASS Abstract Review

Cloud Application Development & Deployment (CLD)

  • Yanni Robel, PASS Abstract Review Team Lead
  • Grant Fritchey, PASS Abstract Review
  • Jason Brimhall, PASS Abstract Review

Enterprise Database Administration & Deployment (DBA)

  • Mindy Curnutt, PASS Abstract Review Team Lead
  • Adam Durr, PASS Abstract Review
  • Andrew Nakamura, PASS Abstract Review
  • Brian Bentley, PASS Abstract Review
  • Dale Reece, PASS Abstract Review
  • Ed Leighton-Dick, PASS Abstract Review
  • Julie Koesmarno, PASS Abstract Review
  • Keith Tate, PASS Abstract Review
  • Markus Eherenmueller-Jensen, PASS Abstract Review
  • Michael Skinner, PASS Abstract Review
  • Paul Timmerman, PASS Abstract Review
  • Roberto Fonesca, PASS Abstract Review
  • Ronald Yenko, PASS Abstract Review
  • Steve Hughes, PASS Abstract Review

Professional Development (PD)

  • Nicholas Cain, PASS Abstract Review Team Lead
  • Argenis Fernandez, PASS Abstract Review
  • Marco Blasio, PASS Abstract Review
  • Rafael Salas, PASS Abstract Review
  • Steve wake, PASS Abstract Review


PASS program PowerPoint Review Team

  • Craig Purnell, PASS PowerPoint Review Team Lead
  • Kimberly St. Jacques, PASS PowerPoint Review Team Lead
  • Andrew Karcher, PASS PowerPoint Review
  • Bill Anton, PASS PowerPoint Review
  • Colleen Morrow, PASS PowerPoint Review
  • David MacLean, PASS PowerPoint Review
  • David Snyder, PASS PowerPoint Review
  • Devin Knight, PASS PowerPoint Review
  • Josh Luedeman, PASS PowerPoint Review
  • Maria Zakoudaev, PASS PowerPoint Review
  • Nagaraju Manjula, PASS PowerPoint Review
  • Reza Rad, PASS PowerPoint Review
  • Roy Ernest, PASS PowerPoint Review
  • Thomas LeBlanc, PASS PowerPoint Review
  • Wayne Sheffield, PASS PowerPoint Review

PASS Program Speaker Review Team

  • Ben DeBow, PASS Speaker Review Team Lead
  • AJ Mendo, PASS Speaker Review
  • Cynthia Fry, PASS Speaker Review
  • Dexter Jones, PASS Speaker Review
  • Jack Corbett, PASS Speaker Review
  • Jose L. Rivera, PASS Speaker Review
  • Mark Broadbent, PASS Speaker Review

PASS Program Special Projects Team

  • Lance Harra, PASS Program Special Projects Team Lead
  • Melissa Coates, PASS Program Special Projects Team Lead
  • Brian Kelley, PASS program Special Projects
  • Dev Nambi, PASS program Special Projects
  • Ed Watson, PASS program Special Projects
  • Jason Thomas, PASS program Special Projects
  • Jes Borland, PASS program Special Projects
  • Kathi Kellenberger, PASS program Special Projects
  • Meredith Ryan, PASS program Special Projects
  • Michael Trotter, PASS program Special Projects
  • Nigel Peter Sammy, PASS program Special Projects
  • Tamera M. Clark, PASS program Special Projects