NomCom Interviewing Four Board Applicants

Thanks to everyone who applied for the three PASS Board of Directors seats that are up for election this year. The Nomination Committee (NomCom) has selected the following applicants to move on to interviews:

  • Ryan Adams
  • Argenis Fernandez
  • Tim Ford
  • Jennifer Stirrup

Between August 19 and September 2, the NomCom will interview each applicant to explore his or her qualifications and characteristics in depth. Based on the applicant interviews and applications, the NomCom will present an election slate to the Board of Directors for final ratification in September (see the full elections timeline).

Voting begins September 17, but your part in the elections process begins now! The election forums are now available. If you have a question you want the NomCom to ask in the interviews or a topic you don’t want overlooked, log into the forums and add it there. The forums are the perfect arena to set the hot topics for this year’s election, so help us get the discussion started today!

How Do I Vote?

Only members with a completed myPASS profile as of 11:59 PM PDT June 1, 2015, are eligible to vote in this election.

Check out the elections timeline for important dates, including campaign and balloting dates for the PASS Board of Directors elections.