Announcing New PASS Directors

In a tightly fought race for three seats up for election on the PASS Board of Directors, PASS members have selected directors for two new regional seats and an open seat for the 2014/2015 term. Congratulations to Jen Stirrup of Copper Blue Consulting Ltd., winner of the EMEA regional seat; Tim Ford of Spectrum Health Information Systems, winner of the US/Canada regional seat; and Amy Lewis of Hard Dollar, winner of the open seat.

A total of 3,904 votes were cast by 1,514 voters this year.

Jen Stirrup (EMEA and Open)  868 votes  EMEA seat winner
Tim Ford (US/Canada and Open)  730 votes  US/Canada seat winner
Amy Lewis (US/Canada and Open)  639 votes  Open seat winner
Allen Kinsel (US/Canada and Open)  635 votes  
Neil Hambly (EMEA and Open)  396 votes  
Richard Douglas (EMEA and Open)  321 votes  
Ami Levin (US/Canada and Open)  315 votes  


Here is how the seats were awarded. Newly elected directors will begin serving their term on January 1, 2014.

Thanks to all who asked a question in the candidate forums or Town Hall meetings, blogged and tweeted about the elections, and made their voices heard by voting. PASS still needs your ideas and involvement. Please share your elections feedback and ideas in the elections forums, and contact PASS Governance if you’re interested in serving on the next Elections Review Committee (ERC).

If you're interested in moving into a leadership role within the PASS community, check out volunteer opportunities with your local PASS Chapter or favorite Virtual Chapter and take that next step toward possibly serving on the PASS Board yourself.

Congratulations again to the newly elected directors, and special thanks to all the candidates on a passionate race about the issues and ideas that will shape the future of PASS.