Allen Kinsel

US/Canada and Open

Allen Kinsel is the leader of the database team for American National Insurance Company
(ANICO) in Texas and a Microsoft SQL Server MVP. Allen attended his first PASS Summit in 2004, an event that changed his professional life in a profound way. He started volunteering with PASS and has continued since, participating on the Volunteer Committee, Nomination Committee, Program Committee, and leadership team for Special Interest Groups (SIGS), now known as Virtual Chapters. He served on the PASS Board of Directors for the 2010-2011 term.


In the year since I left the Board, I’ve had the opportunity to clearly see how far PASS has come as an organization, as well as how far we still have to go! Having previous PASS Board experience will allow me to hit the ground running on Day 1 to carry out my vision for PASS’s future. The combined experience and vision I have for PASS allows me to prioritize my goals as director where I think they will impact PASS’s membership the most.

My key goals while serving on the Board would be:

  • Prioritizing and investing more dollars in PASS IT to improve our member-used systems. An example of this is expanding the functionality of MyPASS to include enhanced sections for Chapter leaders, speakers, volunteers, and members.
  • Making an additional IT investment to bring PASS’s membership roster up-to-date. Updating the roster will allow PASS to have better knowledge of our worldwide membership and to provide members with better benefits.
  • Convincing the Board to implement committees that mirror the current portfolios. This will allow the Board to maintain a more strategic role and grow more leaders, as well as help keep projects moving forward during election transitions.
Career Highlights
  • 2013 Became leader of DBA Group at ANICO
  • 2010 Elected to PASS Board of Directors (Chapters & Summit Program)
  • 2009 Received the PASSion Award for outstanding volunteerism with PASS
  • 2004 Attended PASS Summit for the first time and became a PASS volunteer
  • 2000 Accepted full-time DBA position with ANICO