Ami Levin

US/Canada and Open

Ami Levin is a self-educated technical expert with strong entrepreneurship and community leadership skills. He is an active community member with a passion for SQL Server and knowledge sharing.

Ami has presented at PASS Summit, Tech Ed, and other SQL Server conferences and has delivered sessions for PASS international and Virtual Chapters. He led and moderated the local SQL MSDN forum. In 2004, he was nominated as user group leader, a position he’s held for 8 years. Under his leadership, the user group became a PASS Chapter, thrived, and became a role model for other user groups. He also served on the planning committee for the PASS DBA/DEV track at the Silicon Valley Code Camp.

Ami has built a successful career as a SQL Server consultant and instructor, working on some of the world’s busiest and most complex systems. His work involves global travel, giving him the opportunity to experience SQL communities worldwide.

Ami founded DBSophic to pursue his dream of building a fully automatic performance-tuning tool. As a founder, CTO, and board member, he has directed the architectural, technical, and strategic vision of the company. DBSophic has completed two successful funding rounds and overcome countless obstacles to provide a highly successful, global, enterprise-class product.


My experience as an international and local PASS volunteer, entrepreneur, strategy leader, and mentor uniquely positions me to serve the community as a PASS Director.

I want the opportunity to bridge the detachment I’ve experienced with PASS for the benefit of other leaders. I often see PASS Chapter leaders and SQLSaturday organizers desperate for quality speakers, logistics and marketing help, advice, and some fresh initiatives to ignite and maintain much-needed enthusiasm.

My first priority would be to improve the processes and structures for interactions between volunteers and PASS. I would expand the speaker pool by establishing a professional mentoring program and introduce platforms for collaborating and sharing resources and ideas. This would encourage more people to stand up and innovate and would help PASS identify and nurture future community leaders.

The US/Canada PASS community has more local chapters than the rest of the world combined. For PASS to truly become a global organization, extending and strengthening PASS’s reach beyond existing territories is a must. This is an exciting task as each region brings its own unique characteristics and challenges. My extensive global work experience and numerous engagements with local and international PASS Chapters gives me a unique perspective on making the right adjustments to bring a strong, lasting impact in each territory.

My 15 years of community activity and 8 years as an international Chapter Leader prepared me for this position. As a Board member, my mission would be to help make an impact on someone’s life for the better.

Career Highlights
  • Served as sergeant-major in the Israeli air force, commanding a unit of 20 soldiers that provided in-battle intelligence
  • Managed the Israeli PASS Chapter
  • Named a SQL Server MVP since 2006
  • Founded DBSophic to realize my dream of creating a fully automatic performance-tuning solution
  • Joined SolidQ as a mentor