Jen Stirrup

EMEA and Open

As the first European winner of the PASSion Award, in 2012, Jen Stirrup has a lineage of success in supporting PASS events as part of a team in the UK, the US, and Europe. She takes pride in being part of the PASS organisation and helping it to grow and mature to a SQL community.

Jen has practical experience in successfully executing the first SQLSaturday in Scotland and running a user group in England. She has organized Women in Technology in-person events in Europe, which has required communication skills and bringing people along a community journey. Online, she is a main organizer of the Business Intelligence Virtual Chapter, procuring new speakers and volunteers. Outside of PASS, she helps organize SQL Relay and the Cloud OS Week.

As joint owner of a small consulting firm in the UK, Jen has a strong commitment to “getting the job done.” She has responsibility for budgeting and financial controls, as well as directing the firm’s strategy, and she understands the value of teamwork and negotiation in executing successfully against a plan. She has been a SQL Server MVP for 3 years, sharing her technical expertise with the community.


With the advent of technologies such as Power Pivot and PowerView, SQL Server is being re-shaped to include end users. PASS is well-placed to help emerging Big Data, Cloud, and BA community members who are being introduced to this broadening toolset. As part of the PASS Board, I would work to increase the breadth of PASS to include more people who work with data and who could be served by a community organisation.

Now that PASS growth has started in Europe, it is time to work on ensuring that the growth is sustainable and crystallised. I have unique experience of helping PASS globally in a variety of roles, and as part of the PASS Board, I would focus on helping support and grow the European, Asian, and LATAM communities in their early, formative stages, when they need particular direction. PASS can be a great enabler of these communities.

PASS also has some groundwork to do in the areas of communication and inclusion. I believe that PASS needs a better defined social media strategy and presence. Further, it would be useful to have a “Charter” to spell out what is, and what is not, welcome as part of the PASS community. For example, SQLSaturday events and user groups should not be allowed to exclude certain groups of people from speaking or participating at events. While this does not necessitate positive discrimination, it would mean that everyone was clear at the point of sign-up that PASS is a community organisation at core.

Career Highlights
  • Setting up my own consulting firm from scratch
  • Being a Microsoft SQL Server MVP for 3 years
  • Winning the 2012 PASSion Award
  • Delivering many SQL Server projects successfully across the world
  • Growing my consulting business to joint ownership