Neil Hambly

EMEA and Open

Neil Hambly has 15 years’ experience in the industry in a variety of database roles, including as a DBA, developer, and architect. He now works for a well-known database software vendor and is frequently seen speaking at PASS events in EMEA and the US.

Having worked for large corporations such as Accenture and the BBC, as well as smaller market-leading companies, Neil has experienced most of the challenges and roles in our industry, with most of them having a leadership aspect to them. However, it is his commitments and contributions within the SQL Server community for the past 5 years that are most relevant to his decision to run for the PASS Board, giving him insight into the challenges we face as part of the database community and what is required by organizations such as PASS to help meet those challenges.

Neil is the Chapter Leader for the London group. He is speaking at PASS Summit for the third year and at SQLRally Amsterdam, and he has presented at many SQLSaturday events, Virtual Chapter meetings, SQLRally Nordic, and 24HOP, as well as Tech Ed Europe 2012. He has served as a PASS Ambassador, Summit First-Timers Buddy, and a blogger at the Summit Blogger Table and has also been involved in many UK events such as SQL Relay. 


Here are some key areas I would focus on if elected to the PASS Board:

Membership Engagement: I believe we can improve considerably within this area by focusing on the grassroots levels and developing our leadership programs to identify and encourage new leaders. We can also better promote existing events and increase the number of local and regional events to create a variety of in-person and virtual events to supplement and complement other PASS events (Summit, SQLRally, and SQLSaturday) and reach more database professionals throughout the world.

Languages: We have many existing and potential members whose primary language is not English. We need to hold events and have other resources available in local languages to fully engage these members. While this is already starting to happen, I would like to see these efforts enhanced. If we want to engage a more diverse cultural membership, we need to do it on their terms. This can include promoting multilingual communications about PASS events (in English and local languages), increasing the number of language-specific Virtual Chapters, and creating a more language-oriented PASS website.

New Presenters program: Becoming a PASS presenter can be a very rewarding experience. However, it can be challenging for new speakers, in the early days, to find opportunities to develop their presenting skills. I would like to see a program specially devised to help nurture these new presenters, help them find more opportunities to present, and ultimately help them become our future experienced presenters.

Career Highlights
  • Developed complex scripts to fully deconstruct and modify data types, rebuild all associated objects, and add partitioning and compression features; improved performance and size of many databases considerably
  • Developed complex searching procedures for matching records across millions of records with many inputs parameters in sub-seconds for processing of Job applications
  • Created Business Intelligence systems and dashboards