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Management Company vs. Full Time PASS staff
Last Post 25 Sep 2013 08:20 AM by Ami Levin. 2 Replies.
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Allen White
New Member
New Member

24 Sep 2013 12:57 PM  
With the issues that have been raised over the management company, how would each of the board candidates envision the transition of PASS to employ a full-time staff to manage its various events?
Neil Hambly
New Member
New Member

24 Sep 2013 04:03 PM  
Hi Allen

I don't have any real facts on these issues on which to base any sound judgements against, so will have to say that if the performance levels of the management company is no longer delivering the type & level of service we required then I agree that alternatives are needed to be found
in what form these transitions would encompass is something I'm unable to provide any real insights into, without knowing more information and some time to review the implications of such a dramatic change to the administration of PASS

Neil Hambly

Ami Levin
New Member
New Member

25 Sep 2013 08:20 AM  
Hi Allen,

Thanks for choosing this important issue for discussion.

Event management is a purely executive function. We should measure it by two criteria: quality and total costs. I really don’t think it matters that much whether we use a professional management company or hire PASS employees as long as we keep improving the quality of the results and keep costs down.
One can claim that employees will have more passion, involvement and commitment and will therefore produce better results. On the other hand, a professional management company has skills, processes and resources that will be hard to match with in-house staff.
If presented with the choice between the two options, I will judge it based on these two criteria and vote for what I believe has the better overall balance between quality and cost at that point in time. Naturally, as PASS continues to grow, the tipping point gets closer. Whether or not we are already at the point where it will be cost efficient to make the switch I cannot say yet. I will have to see concrete numbers and facts to make that call.

I hope this addresses your concerns.


Ami Levin

My Campaign Page: http://www.amilevin.com
My LinkedIn Page: http://www.linkedin.com/in/levinami
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