Angela Henry

US/Canada & Open Seats

Angela Henry is a Database Administrator at HSM Solutions, located in Hickory, NC. She has 18+ years of SQL Server experience in multiple roles, ranging from programmer to DBA to BI developer to data architect. She has worked with and managed SQL Server versions 4.21a through 2012 in development, QA, and production environments. Much of her early SQL Server experience came from trial and error or the “school of hard knocks” because of not having access to support from community resources such as PASS, so she truly understands the importance and value of the PASS community.

Angela has been a member of the PASS community since the first PASS Summit in Chicago. She has watched the PASS community grow from just a small group to a wonderful worldwide community of supportive and informational resources. She has participated as a member of the PASS Summit Program Committee for the past 5 years (the last 2 as a team lead), served as the “Speaker Wrangler” for her local user group for the past 2 years, been a volunteer at several SQLSaturday events, and served on the 2012 PASS Nomination Committee (NomCom). She says she is eager to contribute more to PASS by serving as an active member of the NomCom for the PASS Board of Directors 2014 elections.

Download Angela's NomCom application