Mark Broadbent

Open Seat

Mark Broadbent is an active and passionate member of the SQL Server community and, as such, cares about the direction of the organisations that he contributes to – particularly PASS – so that they maximize their potential and benefits to all, wherever they may be located. He believes in fairness, equality, and giving without any expectation of promotion or personal gain whatsoever from our actions. If he is successful in his application to the Nomination Committee (NomCom), he says he promises to serve with integrity and to not be afraid of giving an alternative opinion where he feels it is important for that message to be heard without prejudice, or even when his opinion may not be commonly held or popular.

However, Mark says the only thing that is important in this process, whether he is elected to the NomCom or not, is that the right candidates make the slate for the PASS Board of Directors election and are ultimately elected onto the Board to make good on their promises. He vows to do his utmost to help ensure this happens.

Download Mark's NomCom application