Neil Hambly

Hi, I'm Neil Hambly. I'm a SQL Server database professional with considerable experience with the product spanning over 14 years, starting my DBA career using the 6.5 & 7.0 versions and rapidly embracing the newer versions when released. My roles have always been those where I have been the "lead" in the team. I have worked in and made considerable personal efforts to learn the products to a deep level, both during work and in my own time.

I've had experience with many database positions, including roles as DBA, Developer, BI Specialist and, more recently, Database Architect, which encompasses working with the various teams and businesses closely to deliver successful projects.

In recent years, I have also become actively involved in the SQL community and have spoken at many local, regional, and international SQL conferences. I am now an experienced user group leader (and PASS Chapter Leader) and have organized many events. I have also embarked on the path to becoming an MCM and have my training resources linked from the Microsoft MCM certification page.

PASS Involvement

  • Regular speaker across the full spectrum of PASS events, including PASS Summit 2011, SQLRally 2012, 24 Hours of PASS, and several SQLSaturday events in multiple countries (Portland, Portugal, Dublin, Johannesburg {Virtual})
  • Eagerly help promote PASS at events such as SQLBits, SQLRally, and soon TechEd Europe, as well as through my role as leader of the London SQL PASS Chapter