James Rowland-Jones


This is what you get by voting for James:

  •  Proven Delivery
  •  Relevant Experience
  •  Strategic Vision
  •  Committed Leadership
  •  Team Work Ethic

Better known as JRJ, he is a strategic and highly driven member of the SQL Server community. He has served as a PASS Director for the last 3 years and has delivered not one but two significant, transformative programs in his term, owning both the Global Growth portfolio and the Alliance Program – a special project within PASS focused on re-imagining PASS relationships with its commercial partners, who are a vital part of the community ecosystem.

As a currently serving Board member, JRJ is acutely aware of the commitments required to serve on the PASS Board but, more importantly, has learned how to achieve significant results as a PASS Director. 

He is also a member of the leadership team behind SQLBits, one of the world’s most exciting and original events dedicated to the Microsoft Data Platform. By contributing into different community organisations, JRJ is able to keep his ideas fresh, his input relevant, and his perspective unique. 

JRJ has also built a Microsoft Gold Partner Consultancy focused on data warehousing and analytics with SQL Server Analytics Platform System (APS). He is an industry speaker, educator, and thought leader in the appliance space.

JRJ lives in the United Kingdom with his wife and three, mostly lovely children.


My aspirations:

The Gartner of Data
I believe that PASS could and should be striving to be the Gartner of Data  the authoritative voice for data professionals internationally. I would like to see PASS evolve as a community organisation to become a true champion for the community, understanding the challenges faced by professionals, advocating change, and providing industry insights on our profession.

Driving Alliances: Delivering Insight and Value to all
With my help and guidance, PASS is evolving from a transactional relationship with its commercial partners to managed partnerships, enhancing relationships and offering greater value. However, the journey has really only just begun. There is still a lot more we can offer the industry and the community. Voting for me is a vote to continue this journey. 

My goals:

  • Fully integrate Global Growth into the PASS community
    • On-board LATAM as a fully recognised region in the PASS community
    • Commence investment in APAC
  • Invest in community partnerships
    • Focus on community as our largest brand
    • Diversify partnerships by seeking partners from outside the direct server and tools market
    • Create sales targets for PASS-organised events to drive sales growth
    • Increase sales bandwidth within PASS to generate increased revenue
    • Implement CRM to measure our engagement
  • Make understanding the community vibe a core competency within PASS
    • Significantly increase touch-points with the community, increasing engagement and dialogue
    • Provide macro-level community insights based on member input
    • Share results with the community and our partners

Career Highlights

  • SQLBits: Part of the leadership team behind this unique community experience
  • PASS: Delivered Global Growth Initiative and the Alliance Program
  • Work: Built a Microsoft Gold Partner Consultancy focused on SQL Server Analytics Platform System from scratch
  • Award: Microsoft MVP – first awarded in 2008 for services to the community