Sri Sridharan

US/Canada and Open

I have been involved with SQL Server since version 4.2 and have held various roles over the years, including developer, DBA, architect, and pre-sales. I currently:

  • Serve as a PASS Director at Large – Volunteers Portfolio, 2 years
  • Am President of the North Texas SQL Server User Group, 6 years
  • Have served as Director  MSBIC, 2 years
  • Work as a Data Architect at VHA Inc., 4 years 

I have a BS in Physics, an MS in MIS, and an MBA in Finance.

Key Areas of Success
1. Driving PASS, a volunteer-driven organization, to be able to recruit, track, and reward volunteers
2. Increasing local UG physical attendance at meetings by 3X in the last 3 years
3. First to run a BI-focused SQLSaturday and a BA-focused SQLSaturday
4. Helped run six SQLSaturday events
5. Achieving financial stability for the local PASS UGs
6. Campaigning to bring SQLRally to Dallas; co-led the SQLRally Dallas event in May 2012 

Some of these qualifications and experiences uniquely position me to bring a different perspective, be a visionary, and bring a fresh mind to the existing Board.


I mentioned about 2 years ago that I would strive to transform the culture of the organization to be more feedback- and community-driven. Today, with the volunteer portfolio and the infrastructure we are putting in place, we are taking steps toward that goal. While this has taken more time than I initially thought, the goal is still valid, and we need to continue to make progress toward it.

I want people vested in PASS to really play a big role in shaping the organization. We want volunteers to be recognized and take on bigger challenges and roles as they become eligible and qualify for them – and in the process, groom the next generation of leaders in the PASS organization. This is not for the person who attends the PASS Summit once a year and vanishes. I am talking about people like you (the reader), who are registered PASS members and have interest in the organization, volunteers at PASS events such as SQLSaturday and SQLRally, Chapter Leaders, Chapter board members, Regional Mentors, and MVPs taking on a bigger role in shaping the next-gen PASS. I am running to continue my position on the PASS Board of Directors because the path I have set on with the Volunteers portfolio will help us get there, and I want to help see it through.

Career Highlights

  • 2005-2014  Board of North Texas SQL Server User Group and MSBIC; ran six SQLSaturdays (#35, #56, #63, #163 , #255 , #305)
  • 2009  Joined VHA Corp as a Data Architect
  • Oct 2010 and May 2014 – First SQLSaturday BI Edition (#56) and first SQLSaturday BA Edition (#305), respectively
  • Jan 2013 – Elected to PASS Board
  • Dec 2013 – Volunteer Module, Phase 1 completed and 700 volunteers registered; Phase 2 of Volunteer module now completed and in pilot mode