Wendy Pastrick

US/Canada and Open

As a long-time volunteer for PASS, I have served everywhere from Ambassador to Director. Over the years, I have held roles as a Chapter Leader, SQLSaturday organizer, speaker, Regional Mentor, Program Committee volunteer, and as a member of an Election Review Committee. Having worked with so many people in the PASS community, and having learned so much over the years, it was time to give back and offer to serve on the Board of Directors. It was an honor and a privilege to have been elected for my first term.

The past year and a half on the Board working with Global Chapters has been both challenging and fulfilling. It is a huge responsibility to serve as the voice of the membership while also making sure the organization stays on target with financials, growth, and educational offerings to the community. Some of the highlights in this time include establishing a formalized Incentive Program for Chapters, where they can earn money for their group by distributing discount codes for events, and ensuring all Chapters are using the same Agreement throughout the organization, while simplifying that Agreement at the same time.

I am currently employed with Pragmatic Works, focused on bringing enterprise solutions to customers using Microsoft SQL Server technologies, including Analytics Platform System and Azure. I am dedicated to lifelong learning and am excited to share that with other PASS members – present and future.


I believe in the PASS mission to “connect, share and learn.” To that end, I see the organization continuing to grow in two key areas. First, we can build a bridge from higher education institutions to PASS. There is an untapped resource in bringing college and secondary education students into the PASS fold. Many Chapters and SQLSaturdays have utilized educational facilities for meetings and events, and I believe that we can springboard these events to reaching out more to the students. PASS can help with bringing SQL skills to these students and show them the community and support that comes along with membership.

Second, PASS can continue growing by reaching more data professionals. Several years ago when Business Intelligence was but a buzzword, PASS embraced the new arm of SQL Server offerings and built community for both SQL and BI professionals. Now, we have that opportunity again in Business Analytics. These are the business users we work with, and they work with the data we provide every single day. Showing them more effective and efficient ways to get their job done and helping them make decisions faster and more accurately is a win for everyone. I want to see our success in SQL and BI shine through with this new BA community, by using our Chapters model, Virtual Chapters, and Saturday/Rally events around the world. 

Thank you for your consideration in this election. I will continue to do my best for the people and PASS!