Wendy Pastrick


Wendy Pastrick is from Chicago, IL, and for the past 12 years has served as a Database Administrator supporting both development and production environments. She is looking forward to serving on the PASS Board due to her many years of involvement with PASS, including working with the Women In Technology Virtual Chapter and the Chicago Suburban User Group, serving as Regional Mentor for the Midwest region, and serving on the 2011 Election Review Committee and the 2012 PASS Summit Program Committee. Wendy has organized three highly successful SQLSaturday events in Chicago and spoken at numerous others around the country. She was also honored to recieve the PASSion Award in 2010.

Wendy believes her commitment and involvement with many different areas of the organization position her to serve the community well. She understands what Chapter Leaders face each and every month in putting together meetings for their members. She also understands the complexity around hosting a SQLSaturday. She also has experience in the global growth of PASS through the WIT Chapter, growing the Virtual Chapter's SQLSaturday outreach program from two people to a team of six, including representatives for the European and AsiaPac regions. She looks forward to the opportunity to continue to grow PASS and serve its many members in their hometown, their region, and around the world.


PASS membership includes SQL professionals, from developers to administrators to mangers. Over the years, it has been surprising to discover how many people have never heard of our organization. I plan to work to expand our reach to students in higher education – colleges, universities, and trade schools. It has become evident that these people entering the workforce after finishing a degree are not given the coursework or training using SQL Server, which many employers are looking for. Through membership with PASS, these students would have the opportunity for free training through Virtual Chapter presentations, 24 Hours of PASS, local user group meetings, and SQLSaturday events. My desire to reach out to these potential members stems from work with the WIT Virtual Chapter, where we have talked about the declining interest of students and young professionals in tech-related fields in general. These students could benefit from the support of our organization, and it would help grow PASS as well. We need to continue to educate and assist those who will be the next generation of the SQL community.

Career Highlights
  • Database Administrator since 1999, serving development teams and supporting production environments.
  • Moved into consulting world in 2010 with Magenic Technologies.
  • Presented at PASS Summit in 2011 - "Visualizing Your Indexes."
  • Successfully produced the third annual Chicago SQLSaturday in 2012.
  • Recently voted "Best DBA" by one of my development teams for helping them through a difficult application-conversion project.