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Sri Sridharan
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9/26/2013 9:09 PM
    Dear Candidates,

    The time commitment for a Board member is attending 2 Summits in a year ( ~6 business days + travel days) , 4 Board meetings in the same year ( 8 business days + travel days ) , numerous business hours activities like - Board phone calls , calls with HQ about your portfolio , talking to community when needed, reading and responding to lots of emails in a timely manner many during business hours.

    Let’s say -- you now have a new manager for whatever reason at your work/business ; and you find out 4 weeks later that your "new" manager is not supportive about your PASS related time commitments and you have to make a hard choice. What will you do?

    Neil Hambly
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    9/27/2013 6:11 AM
    Hi Sri
    There is indeed a considerable amount of time & energies required to effectively carry out the BoD roles, I would expect all the candidates to be already committing significant time & resources for PASS and are fully aware of what is needed for such a demanding BoD role

    Perhaps sometimes having to start earlier or finish later on a day than would have otherwise been required, would be one way to create those extra 'time slots' needed to deal with the daytime workloads that a BoD member would need to handle as well as having an understanding Employer if that was the case
    This is not to mention the varying time zones the members would be in, which would have an impact on when those requests need to be addressed in, timely responses are needed with these extra constraints taken into consideration

    If it became clear that some change in circumstances meant that the support for the BoD Members role was no longer there, and they would not change their minds after dialogue on the subject, then it is simply a matter of priorities

    I would not expect that any business would not entertain some form of compromise on resources and scheduling, however it is likely that the balance would be in the employer hands and a tough decision may then be needed to made to not jeopardize the existing work relationship with their employer, other options might then need to be explored for supporting PASS but maybe not as serving BoD member

    Neil Hambly

    I would not think this is likely but if it was

    Richard Douglas
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    9/30/2013 6:43 AM
    Hi Sri,

    Thanks for your question.

    I'll cover the management question first if I may.

    During the application process I actually sought permission from multiple different levels to ensure that the kind of scenario you are talking about could not possibly occur. This was not an afterthought as you can see several work based references in my application which will testify to this.

    As for the time during business hours question, this seems more slanted to the US/CAN seat as due to the time difference in EMEA a large portion of American business time would occur in my family time, not my standard working hours.
    Therefore a different question for EMEA candidates should be asked; How will running as PASS BoD affect your family.
    Again prior to submitting my application I had numerous conversations with my wife about how this would affect our family life and especially time with my two children. I am very blessed that I have great kids and they understand that "Daddy has to travel and work away with his job". For them this is an extension of an existing theme, plus they'll receive more gifts when I get home.
    My wife understands what this means to me and fully supports me.

    I realize this isn't the exact question you asked, but hopefully it will satisfy your curiosity in this area.

    Richard Douglas