What Is the NomCom? 

The Nomination Committee (NomCom) administers the election process for the annual PASS Board of Directors election.

The primary role of the NomCom is to measure each candidate against a set of criteria set by the Board of Directors. The NomCom evaluates the answers to a questionnaire returned by each Board applicant. In addition, the NomCom as a group interviews each Board applicant who has passed the initial application process. The NomCom then presents a list of recommended candidates to the Board of Directors, which then approves the final slate.

The NomCom is composed of five members, including the NomCom Chairperson – this year, Immediate Past President (IPP) Bill Graziano – and another member of the Board of Directors. The PASS community will select the final three members of the NomCom via an election process.

Basic Qualifications for NomCom Candidacy

To be eligible to serve on the NomCom, an applicant must have a demonstrable track record of volunteerism within PASS. This can include, but is not limited to, serving as a Regional Mentor, Chapter or Virtual Chapter Leader, Program Committee member, or speaker (at PASS Summit, PASS SQLRally, PASS SQLSaturday, or 24 Hours of PASS) or participating in other volunteer capacities.

NomCom Elections Overview

The NomCom election process starts with an application. Applicants are screened by PASS HQ to ensure that the basic qualifications are met. The slate is then approved, and NomCom candidates can begin campaigning. All PASS members who have completed their myPASS profiles as of June 1, 2015, are eligible to vote. Three seats will be awarded as per appendix C in the application. The successful candidates to the NomCom will then begin the process of managing nominations for the Board of Directors general election.

Election Process for Awarding Seats

Of the three full-term (two-year) seats up for election this year, two are regional seats. One regional seat represents US/Canada, and the second represents EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa). The third seat is an Open seat with no regional restrictions. This process is designed to encourage balance, international influence, and local investment in PASS elections.

The voting ballot is a single ballot listing all candidates. The ballot indicates which seat(s) an individual is eligible to win. For a regional seat, the individual must reside in a given region to be eligible to win that seat. Anyone eligible to run in the election is eligible for the Open seat. Community members who are eligible to vote will be granted as many votes as there are seats up for election and may vote for whomever they choose – they will not be forced to cast one vote specifically tied to each seat. After all the votes are in, the regional seats will be awarded first, followed by the Open seat, and finally by any off-term seats (for example, if a Board member does not finish their term and that seat is added to the annual election process). Learn more about the process for awarding seats within the NomCom and the Board of Directors.

Please contact Janice Simpson with any questions.

2015 PASS Nomination Committee

The full five-member NomCom will be announced on July 22. The NomCom manages the Board elections process, qualifying, interviewing, and ranking potential candidates before submitting a final slate of recommended candidates to the current Board for approval.

Bill Graziano


An active member of PASS since 2001, Immediate Past President and NomCom Chair Bill Graziano previously served as PASS President, PASS Executive Vice President - Finance, Vice President of Marketing, and Program Director. He has also served as the Kansas City Chapter Leader. Bill has 17 years' experience as a database developer and DBA and has worked directly with SQL Server for the past 12 years. He is a partner in scaleSQL Consulting, which specializes in SQL Server database administration and application development. He also co-founded SQLTeam.com, a website for SQL Server developers and database administrators. Bill was recognized as a SQL Server MVP in 2004 and still holds that designation.