Nomination Committee Election Process

The 2016 Nominations Committee (NomCom), Andy Warren, Joaquin Zuniga, Erin Stellato, Thomas LeBlanc; NomCom Chair, Thomas LaRock; and Board representative, Tim Ford, will manage this year's PASS Board election.

The primary role of the NomCom is to measure each candidate against a set of criteria set by the Board of Directors (the ideal candidate description). The NomCom evaluates the answers to a questionnaire (The PASS Board Application) returned by each Board applicant. In addition, the NomCom as a group may choose to interview each Board applicant who has passed the initial application process. The NomCom then presents a list of recommended candidates to the Board of Directors, which then approves the final slate.

The NomCom has created a guidance document to support all candidates through a successful, fair campaign period.

Learn more about the process for awarding seats for the PASS Board of Directors election. If you have any questions, please contact PASS Governance.

A Town Hall Q&A with the ExecCo was held on 17 March. You can access the recording here and you can check out changes to the elections process here.