Once established, the 2016 PASS Nominations Committee will form early to set processes for the 2016 PASS Elections. Below outlines the NomCom timeline as well as the Board of Directors elections timeline. The NomCom will break for July & August and will pick up again in early September to assess PASS Board applications. All dates and times listed are Pacific Time zone unless stated otherwise. As per Article VIII of the PASS Bylaws, elections are an annual event.

NomCom Timeline

Apr 1 – Jun 30

NomCom Meets to Establish Elections Processes

Apr 1 – Jun 30

NomCom/Board/Community – Create Ideal Candidate Description

Jul 1 – Aug 31

NomCom Breaks For July & August

Board of Directors Elections Timeline

Aug 3 - 16

Board of Directors Election Announced

Aug 17

Board Applications Open *Noon Pacific

Aug 31

Board Applications Close *Noon Pacific

Sept 14

Successful Candidates Notified

Sept 15

Candidate Interviews Begin

Sept 23

Candidate Interviews End

Sept 23

Candidates Notified of position

Sept 26

Opt-Out Deadline *Noon Pacific

Sept 27

Current Board Ratifies Slate

Sept 27

Successful Candidates Notified

Sept 28

Candidates Announced/Campaigning Opens

Sept 28

Campaigning Opens *9:00am Pacific

Sept 29 & Oct 5

Mandatory Campaign Events (TBD)

Oct 5

Balloting Goes Live *9:00am Pacific

Oct 11

Voting/Campaign Closes *Noon Pacific

Oct 11

Candidates Notified

Oct 12

Election Results Announced