The 2015 PASS elections season will run from July 8 to September 24, 2015. All dates and times listed are Pacific Time zone. All deadlines, unless stated otherwise, are at noon (12:00 pm) Pacific Time of the specified date. As per Article VIII of the PASS Bylaws, elections are an annual event.

Nominations Committee (NomCom) Elections
July 8   NomCom Applications Open
July 14   NomCom Applications Close
July 15   NomCom Eligible Applicants Notified
July 16
  NomCom Elections Forums Open
July 16   NomCom Voting Opens (8:00 am)
July 21   NomCom Voting/Campaign Closes
July 22   NomCom Elections Results Announced
Board of Directors Elections
Aug 5   Board Applications Open
Aug 12   Board Applications Close
Aug 18   Successful Candidates Notified
Aug 19   Candidate Interviews Begin
Sept 2   Candidate Interviews End
Sept 4   Candidates Notified of Final Rating
Sept 9   Opt-Out Deadline
Sept 10   Current Board Ratifies Slate
Sept 10   Successful Candidates Notified
Sept 11   Campaigning Opens (8:00 am)
Sept 15
  Campaign Event: 19:00 to 21:30 UTC
  2nd Campaign Event
Sept 17   Balloting Goes Live/Voting Opens (8:00 am)
Sept 23   Voting/Campaign Closes 
Sept 23   Candidates Notified of Results
Sept 24   Election Results Announced