Best of PASS Summit 2014

Watch the Top 10 sessions* from PASS Summit 2014, which showcased over 200 technical training sessions by top SQL Server experts from around the globe. You can also:

Advanced Data Recovery Techniques (DBA)
Paul Randal,
World's Worst Performance Tuning Techniques (AD)
Kendra Little, Brent Ozar Unlimited

Advanced Modeling with Analysis Services Tabular(BIA)
Alberto Ferrari, SQLBI
BI Power Hour (BID)
Matt Masson, Microsoft & Matthew Roche, Microsoft

Building Bullet-Resistant SSIS Packages (BIA)
Tim Mitchell, Linchpin People
Five Execution Plan Patterns to Watch for (AD)
Erin Stellato,

Inside Ola Hallengren's Maintenance Solution (DBA)
Ola Hallengren, Saxo Bank
Query Store - A New SQL Query Tuning Feature (DBA)
Conor Cunningham, Microsoft

Query Tuning Mastery: Manhandling Parallelism, 2014 Edition  (AD)
Adam Machanic, Data Education
Right-Sizing Your SQL Server Virtual Machine (DBA)
David Klee, Heraflux Technologies

* Based on average attendee evaluations from sessions that had a minimum of 50 attendees and evaluations from at least 20 or 20% of those attendees (whichever is greater).