October 2014

SQL Server Management Perfected

Dell Software

Organizations today are using multiple database platforms, embracing cloud technologies, and generating enormous volumes of data, and users have increasingly high expectations for availability and performance. This white-paper outlines a solution to help DBAs proactively find and address SQL Server performance issues, even as budgets tighten and IT environments grow in complexity.

August 2014

Cisco Unified Computing Systems: Meet the Challenges of Microsoft SQL Server Workloads


Optimization of Microsoft SQL Server workloads requires more than robust hardware capable of graceful performance under demanding conditions. This white paper provides an overview of the considerations that systems administrators and DBAs need to be familiar with when sizing, planning, and scaling modern SQL Server workloads and the unique advantages of the Cisco Unified Computing System in addressing these requirements.

July 2014

Top Ten Tips for Optimizing SQL Server Performance

Dell Software

This white paper by SQL Server experts Patrick O'Keeffe and Richard Douglas discusses 10 of the most important things you need know about SQL Server performance.

July 2014

SQL Server, SharePoint & Windows Alerts: A New Take on Alerting

SQL Sentry

This new white paper by SQL Server MVP Kevin Kline discusses how the basic alerting system included with SQL Server behaves. The white paper also shows how SQL Sentry's alerting functionality overcomes many of these limitations and those of many other alerting systems.