Becoming a PASS Chapter
PASS chapters are independent, localized user groups comprising individuals who meet periodically to connect, share, and learn about various topics that involve Microsoft data-related technologies.

PASS chapters generally hold meetings in a specific geographic area and are open and accessible to anyone interested in joining. All PASS chapters are self-governing and range from small, intimate user group meetings in restaurants to formal, structured, and legally recognized entities holding large (100+ people) meetings.

No matter the particular group structure, each group exists to enable continued education by exposing members to presentations by subject matter experts, holding discussions, and generally encouraging continued engagement by assisting others on their learning paths. Chapters often serve as venues to allow members to leverage the expertise of their peers and connect with other experts, as well as for career networking.

Chapter Leaders are primarily facilitators who must not only have a passion for the subject matter but also have a fundamental desire to help others connect, share, and learn. Interested in joining a chapter in your area? Check out our chapter listing page.  No chapter in your area? Why not start one? Read on!

Why Become a Local PASS Chapter?

By becoming affiliated with PASS, your user group can become eligible for multiple benefits; for example:

  • Group recognition as part of the largest data professional association in the world
  • Free website hosting, using the PASS standard chapter template
  • Microsoft Office 365, email, and Lync accounts
  • Access to dedicated assistance from PASS HQ and PASS Help Desk
  • A dedicated volunteer Regional Mentor who can provide local knowledge and support
  • A growing toolset to make a one-stop shop for managing your group and group members
  • Promotional support via PASS’s website, bi-weekly Connector newsletter, social media, and more
  • Access to PASS members who are interested in getting involved at the local level
  • Access to the Chapter Leaders forum, where you can ask questions and share ideas
  • Free content resources, including access to the full PASS Summit conference sessions recordings
  • Free giveaways to help drive meeting attendance and reward hard-working volunteers
  • One free registration to a major PASS conference for the Chapter Leader or co-leader (contingent on budget and minimum chapter activity requirements)
  • The ability to work with Microsoft and PASS on product launch and training events around the world


How to Become a PASS Chapter?

Before contacting PASS, please review "10 Steps to Starting a PASS Chapter" (also available in Spanish). This document details the steps that you’ll need to consider carefully before starting your chapter. In most cases, we request that you already have a venue secured for your meetings and that you are well on your way with booking speakers and general group organization. We are more than happy to help guide you through this process.

Becoming an official PASS chapter has never been easier. PASS welcomes both existing SQL Server user groups as well as new chapters with a primary focus on Business Intelligence or Analytics, using the Microsoft platform and tools.

Contact Emilija Dufresne to learn about starting a chapter or affiliating your current chapter with PASS.