Becoming a PASS Chapter

PASS Chapters are local communities of dedicated data professionals, using Microsoft platforms and tools, that meet regularly in person to connect, share, and learn around the world. As a PASS Chapter, get a jump-start to success with our Welcome Kit, access to a worldwide community of Chapter Leaders, and expert guidance from Regional Mentors.

Chapters also benefit from marketing, various resources to grow your group and assistance with speakers and sponsors. Most of all, PASS Chapters receive the support of a widespread, passionate community.

Why Become a Local PASS Chapter?

By becoming affiliated with PASS, your user group will benefit from:

  • Free website hosting
  • A growing toolset to make a one-stop shop for managing your group
  • Promotional support via PASS’s website, bi-weekly newsletter, social media, and more
  • Access to PASS members who are interested in getting involved at the local level
  • Access to the active Chapter Leaders forum for FAQs and to ask questions and share ideas with colleagues around the world
  • Free content resources, including a copy of the PASS Summit conference DVDs with 200+ sessions
  • Free giveaways to help drive meeting attendance and reward hard-working volunteers
  • One free registration to PASS Summit a year for a member of the Chapter leadership team
  • The ability to work with Microsoft and PASS on product launch and training events around the world

How to Become a PASS Chapter?

Prior to contacting PASS, please review the "10 Steps to Starting a PASS Chapter".  These are the steps that need to be carefully considered before starting your Chapter.  

Becoming an official PASS Chapter has never been easier. PASS welcomes both existing SQL Server user groups as well as new chapters, as long as the primary focus of the group is either SQL Server or Business Intelligence using the Microsoft platform and tools.

Contact Carmen Buchmann to learn about starting a Chapter or affiliating your current Chapter with PASS.