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News from Our Region

Olympia SQL Server User Group

When: Wednesday, June 16, 2010.
2:30 PM – 4:00 PM

Where: Department of Health
310 Israel Road SE
Tumwater, WA 98501

Shared Services On a Small Scale– by Lisa Glassmeyer
This session’s presentation will cover what DSHS’s Information System Services Division (ISSD) did to establish an Enterprise-class hosting environment for home-grown SQL and IIS applications long before Shared Services became the term du jour in Washington State Government. Lisa will explain the environment, the tools used to get the job done, and how you too can build a SQL Shared Services environment in your organization.

Who: Lisa Glassmeyer has been working with SQL Server since version 6.5 when she transferred to the Information System Services Division of the Department of Social & Health Services in 1999. She works in the Enterprise Application Hosting Solutions unit where she is responsible for IIS and SQL application hosting and promotion. She considers herself a system administrator and less of a DBA, but finds the distinction has become less so over time.

Monthly Meetings
We have monthly user group meetings on the third Wednesday of every month that run from 2:30pm to 4:00pm. Our group meets at the Department of Health, Point Plaza East, 310 Israel Road SE, Tumwater, WA 98501. Occasionally, meetings run longer or can be held at another location. Be sure to check the newsletter or website for up-to-date information.


Portland Code Camp and SQL Saturday 2010, held on May 22nd, 2010 has been rated outstanding by everyone that attended. The event successfully enticed 850 folks to spend a Saturday to choose from and attend 107 sessions, presented by 88 presenters – attendees coming from around the Pacific Northwest and Canada. 

A lot of folks are asking how they did it, what was the secret to success…

Co-Directors Arnie Rowland (MVP SQL Server) and Stuart Celarier (MVP Connected Systems –and a newly appointed Microsoft Regional Director) demonstrated what is possible when MVPs are dedicated to a community project. They knew that they wanted to extend the traditional Code Camp and  SQLSaturday formats to serve an even larger audience, using the natural synergy that exists between the separate events ; they wanted to provide opportunities for participants to hear and learn about a wide range of technologies –not just Microsoft products.  During the preceding months, Arnie met with user group leaders to discuss how the event could better serve the larger audience –his efforts culminated in fourteen user groups and associations joining as community Sponsors . Stuart led an effort to re-architect the software used to support the event –now a Codeplex project available for community reuse.

Both Arnie and Stuart leaned heavily on contacts made at professional events, such as TechEd, PASS Community Summit, and the MVP Summit, and found an immense level of respect and credibility was provided by being known as a Microsoft MVP. They actively recruited presenters to fill certain topics and to bring in cross-platform discussions; they contacted MVPs that they knew could present on certain topics. Presenters came from as far away as California, Colorado, Chicago, and even Sweden. Arnie reached out to Microsoft, Adobe, Yahoo, Amazon, and Intel and recruited some of their top architects and evangelists to present on Cloud computing –including a well-received panel discussion that kept many folks late into the evening. He also reached out to recruit folks to present on the controversial data storage concept called ‘NoSQL’. In addition to sessions on NoSQL, a panel discussion was offered where the audience could hear how to determine if either NoSQL or RDBMS was the best solution for particular problems. The panel discussion on NoSQL vs. RDBMS was so successful, that the entire audience went out for drinks and to continue the conversation after the event closed.

In December 2009, the Mayor of Portland, Sam Adams, met with the CEOs of over 50 regional software development firms, seeking input into the City’s Economic Development Plan –the city is pushing to support software development as an essential ‘industry’ for the area. Arnie and Stuart approached the Mayor to bring the conversation to the developer community, convincing the Mayor that working developers had just as much to contribute to the conversation as the CEOs. It took some time to work out the details, and the Mayor participated in a lunchtime keynote ‘conversation with developers’ –packing the auditorium. Participants could use Twitter and submit questions prior and during the session. The results have been viewed as quite positive, the Mayor has expressed a desire to be included in next year’s event, and a large number of participants left with knowledge that the City is listening to and giving credence to the down in the trenches developer.

So now the question is: What will they do for next year? Stay tuned…