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SQL Midlands


5th December 2011 - Kerberos with Duncan Sutcliffe and Log Parser with Jonathan Allen

Midlands SQL Server User Group, being held in the Old Joint Stock pub in the centre of Birmingham on Monday 5th December

6.00pm – 6:30pm Meet, Greet
6:30pm - 7:30pm Log Parser (Jonathan Allen)
This session will introduce people to a free tool from Microsoft that will speed up adhoc data import processes and file parsing among other data manipulation uses.
LogParser uses a SQL-like query language to work with data in many formats (CSV, IISW3C, HTML, XML, ADS, REG, EVT, BIN and many more) and can convert the data into may outputs types (CSV, NAT, SQL, W3C, XML etc). It has many uses and can be employed in many ways to assist a busy DBA.
7:30pm - 7:50pm Break, Food & Beer
7:50pm – 9:00pm Kerberos - All you need to know in an hour (Duncan Sutcliffe)
A quick but detailed walkthrough explaining what you need to do to make Kerberos work in a Microsoft BI environment. The session covers when and why you need Kerberos, and how to configure it for Reporting Services, Excel Services and PerformancePoint. Although the session is demo-driven, delegates will also take away useful planning tools and troubleshooting tips.
This session is based on a much longer training course I run, but will still get all the why, when and (most importantly) how of Kerberos squeezed into a live demo.