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Resolving the IT Blame Game Problem  -  RSVP Now

April 11, 7am - 7:55am, Sheraton 1

Speaker(s):  Jason Hall, Senior Manager, Systems Consulting, Dell Software

Duration: 55 minutes


If you’re like most IT Professionals, you probably can’t even count the number of times others have blamed you for an application performance issue – not that you’d want to know that number. Maybe the root cause of a problem did originate in the database, or the network, or the application but maybe it didn’t. It can be difficult to tell – especially when communication among the application, storage, virtualization, and database teams isn’t in perfect sync. 

Getting the true full picture of the entire environment is a challenge that just about everyone faces, and native tools do little to help; they generally require a lot of manual work and may still fail to reveal the source of the problem at all.
In this educational session, we’ll explore this issue along with ways to end the finger pointing, ensure a collaborative environment and deliver answers, not just data.