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Get in the Zone - the Community Zone!

Looking for cool networking buttons? Want to get more involved in the Business Analytics community? Stop by the PASS BA Conference Community Zone and talk with community leaders, PASS Community Evangelists, and PASS HQ staff about how you can participate in the BA/BI community year-round. 

Located in the West Lobby
* Closed during keynotes
  • Wednesday, May 7: 7:00am-8:00pm
  • Thursday, May 8: 7:00am-6:30pm*
  • Friday, May 9: 7:00am-4:00pm*
Talk with MVPs & Volunteers
Have pressing BA/BI questions? Interested in speaking at user groups, Virtual Chapters, or SQLSaturday events but don’t know where to start? Come chat with these MVPs and community leaders in the Community Zone: 

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What’s Up in San Jose

By DesignMind
(Cross-posted from

Headed to San Jose for the PASS Business Analytics Conference? If you’re a typical geek, you’ll be excited to know that San Jose has the fastest public Wi-Fi network in the nation! 

Did you know San Jose is…
  • Located 45 minutes south of San Francisco and 5 hours north of Los Angeles.
  • The oldest civilian settlement in California, founded in 1777 by Spanish colonizers.
  • America’s leading patent generation city.
  • Northern California’s largest city with a population of 984,000 (yes, larger than San Francisco!).
  • The third largest city in California (after LA and San Diego).
  • The 10th largest city in the nation.
  • Perhaps the largest concentration of technology expertise in the world, with 6,600 technology companies.

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Looking Forward to the PASS Business Analytics Conference

By Mark Vaillancourt
(Cross-posted from Mark V SQL)

I have the great privilege to attend the PASS Business Analytics Conference in San Jose, CA. This is actually a bit of a surprise since the pieces only fell into place a few weeks ago for my being able to go.

I have been given the opportunity to be part of the Blogger Core again this year and will be Live Blogging the Keynotes. I will also be spending a fair amount of time in the PASS Community Zone chatting about PASS, BI, Data, Star Trek, Star Wars, Dr. Who, and Firefly. And Spenser: For Hire, if anyone is interested. Remember that show? It was awesome.

I wanted to take a moment to share some of the things I am really excited about. These are in no particular order, and this is certainly not everything.

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From the BA/BI Blogosphere: May 2 Update

Only five sleeps until the PASS Business Analytics Conference. Start preparing with these blog posts, articles, and recordings from around the world of analytics and business intelligence, and we’ll see you in San Jose next week!

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The Law of Two Feet: Why You Should Attend the PASS Business Analytics Unconference

By Jen Stirrup
(Cross-posted from Jen Stirrup's Business Intelligence Blog)

An unconference is a conference organized, structured and led by the people attending it. And we are having one at the PASS Business Analytics Conference!

Unconferences are founded upon The Law of Two Feet, which states that:

If during the course of the gathering, any person finds themselves in a situation where they are neither learning nor contributing, they must use their two feet and go to some more productive place.

The Unconference is definitely not another panel session. Unconferences facilitate greater exchange of ideas since we don’t have a defined schedule and there is certainly no PowerPoint! You are welcome to join us, participate in the discussion, and please feel free to live blog and tweet the Unconference as you go along.

Why attend the Unconference?

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My Session Picks for the PASS BA Conference

By Excel MVP Henk Vlootman

As I look over the packed PASS Business Analytics Conference program, I wish I could clone myself several times over so I could attend more sessions!

With less than a month until we meet in San Jose, I have been reviewing the agenda and planning my schedule. It has been almost impossible to choose – so many great analytics speakers and topics. In the Thursday 4:00pm slot alone, there are three sessions I would love to attend. But I have made my selections, which you can see below, and you can build your own customized itinerary by logging into the handy Schedule Builder.

I can’t wait to see everyone there. If you haven’t registered yet, sign up soon – and save $150 by using discount code BABT9G.

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From the BA/BI Blogosphere: Catch Up in 10 Minutes

Have 10 minutes? Take a reading break and catch up with these blog posts from around the world of analytics and business intelligence, including some free, on-demand webinars and podcasts for a great lunch-and-learn with your team:

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Going to the PASS Business Analytics Conference

By John Welch
(Cross-posted from BI Thoughts and Theories)

I found out recently that I’ll be able to attend the PASS Business Analytics Conference this year, which I’m pretty excited about. Also, I’m not presenting at this conference, so I will actually get to relax and enjoy the sessions by other speakers. If you haven’t registered yet, now’s a good time*.

There’s a lot of great content at this conference, and it’s a bit challenging in some time slots to decide on exactly what I want to see most. However, there are three sessions that I will definitely be attending:

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PASS Business Analytics Conference

By Zack Barresse
(Cross-posted from Excel & Access Experts blog)

So, what is it?
The Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS) is an independent, non-profit organization, which is free to register with, committed to helping deliver high quality content and professional development. One of the great features of this conference is what you are paying for. The registration fee actually stays in the community and supports business analytics programs and events.

They are putting on a BA/BI conference in San Jose, CA, this year on May 7-9, 2014. Last year’s conference was a big hit, with some well-known names in attendance, including Bob Phillips, Rob Collie, Chris Webb, and many, many more. A lot of them are reprising their speaking roles again this year as well. In fact, Rob Collie is “doubling down,” as he puts it, delivering two speaking sessions. (May even do a third!)

Even though the organization is SQL-based, there are many things about this conference geared towards the Excel pro. With Microsoft’s new BI offerings in Excel (i.e. Power Pivot, Power Query, etc.), business intelligence has come full force into the Excel world.

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From the BA/BI Blogosphere: Spring Refresh

Spring has finally sprung! Celebrate the new season and warm up your analytics learning with these fresh posts from top BA/BI community bloggers.

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