Occupy BACON: Let’s Do This. (Sessions & Discount)

By Rob Collie
(Cross-posted from PowerPivotPro)

Year One Was Great, So I’m Speaking Again – San Jose CA, May 7-9
I really enjoyed the inaugural PASS Business Analytics Conference, aka PASS BACON, last year. Before that, I’d never been to a conference that was even remotely aimed at “my kind of people.” That all changed for me last year. I think we have found our home.

THIS is the kind of conference we need – one that’s accessible without heavy technology expertise. One where Business Impact take center stage, and the only prerequisite is that you enjoy working with data. (And it helps if you don’t flinch at the word “Microsoft.”)

Which suits us Excel folks to a tee, doesn’t it? They might as well put us on the front page. But an explicit mention of Excel would scare off those other people – the non-Excel people (that we outnumber 100 to 1). Honestly, I think we should just take this thing over. You know, like… Occupy BACON. (Brief pause while I replace the previously-bland title of this post with precisely that.)

Putting my time where my mouth is, this year I am “doubling down” and presenting two sessions– a full-day “pre-con” and a “regular” session – see below for details. AND I’m in discussions about presenting a third session as well, stay tuned on that.

Last Year’s Referral Champion Wants to Repeat!
A little bird told us that last year, more people signed up for PASS BACON using the PowerPivotPro discount code than any other discount code.

Pretty cool, eh? Anyway, there’s a discount code again this year, but I’ve been slow to share it. Let’s pretend we did that to give all those “non-Excel” websites a head start, given that whole “100 to 1 outnumber” thing (in reality I have just been swamped). All righty then, here’s the code:

$150 Off When You Register With This Code: BASB5O

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From the BA/BI Blogosphere: March 7 Update

It's been a busy week! Catch your breath and catch up on what's happening in the business analytics and business intelligence world with top community bloggers:


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BI and Analytics in 2014

By Carlos Bossy
(cross-posted from Carlos Bossy's Blog)

It’s become a tradition at the end of the year for bloggers and industry pundits to make predictions about their fields of interest, and business intelligence is not spared this annual ritual. While I’ve avoided (or forgotten about) making my own predictions, it seems that the future always comes up when I’m speaking at an event. People want to know what’s coming so they can prepare.

Four Areas to Explore
With the PASS BA Conference coming up in May in San Jose, CA, the question of future direction will certainly come up again. The field of business intelligence is undergoing a shift in how it’s delivered to users and the way it’s developed. After a period of having established common data architectures and practices, including Star Schema models, ETL processes, and cubes for what-if analysis, we are seeing new technologies driving us in different directions.

In my opinion, BI architects and practitioners should start thinking about the following.

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From the BA/BI Blogosphere: February 28 Update

Been snowed under this month and behind on your reading? Here are some recent blog posts and discussions from around the world of data analytics you may have missed:

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Business Analysts: I SALUTE YOU!

By Angel Abundez
(cross-posted from Angel's BI Blog)

I've been meaning to speak out for those individuals who are buried deep in the confines of their cubicles under mountains of data, hundreds of report requests, and in my humble opinion, keep businesses running and innovating: the Business Analyst. Now the term "Business Analyst" here just signifies any individual out there who satisfies the curiosity of his/her user base. IT loves to call these people Power Users or Subject Matter Experts (SME). That's fine for architect lingo, but for business people who just want answers, they turn to their analysts. Some call them "data analysts" or "data scientists." Recently, I ran into a tweet that pretty much summed it up for me.

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Information Is Beautiful Author David McCandless Keynoting at PASS BA Conference

Award-winning information designer and data journalist David McCandless, author of Information Is Beautiful, will take center stage at the 2nd annual PASS Business Analytics Conference in San Jose, CA, May 7-9, leading an all-star speaker lineup from across the world of business analytics.

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BA/BI Blog Roundup: Love Your Data!

Celebrate Valentine's Day with these great reads from top bloggers in the business analytics and business intelligence community: 

From the BA/BI Blogosphere: February 7 Update

Catch up on your business analytics and business intelligence learning with some of the community’s top bloggers. Enjoy these recent blog posts from around the world of data analytics that you may have missed:

Free Day of Online Business Analytics Learning – What’s Not to Love?

Cross-posted from the PASS Blog.

January 15, 2014  As a data engineer at her “day job,” PASS VP of Marketing Denise McInerney has a special affection for business analytics. We caught up with her ahead of Feb. 5’s 24 Hours of PASS: Business Analytics Edition to see what she’s looking forward to at the free day of online business analytics learning.

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Oprah and the 2014 PASS Business Analytics Conference

January 24, 2014 – After the success of the 2013 PASS Business Analytics Conference, PASS is doing another one. The 2014 PASS Business Analytics Conference will take place May 7-9 in San Jose, CA.

Last year, I was a speaker as well as part of the official Blogger Core for the event. You can read my posts on this topic:
Alas, I am unable to attend this year. But I wanted to help spread the word about what I feel is a hugely valuable learning opportunity.

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