The Best Business Analytics Learning Available

Pre-Conference Sessions
Wednesday, May 7

Conference Sessions
Thursday-Friday, May 8-9

Explore a range of topics and gain valuable insights from knowledgeable experts from across the world of analytics. Our sessions—over 70 strong—are strategically designed to benefit the diverse cross-section of professionals that make up this community of business analytics professionals:


Analytics and Visualization

Take advantage of today’s technologies, like PowerPivot and Power View, to build and refine reporting models, to enhance functionality and reusability by integrating data from non-traditional sources (including working with open data and other marketplace data), to perform data mash-ups from multiple data sources, and to determine the most appropriate visualization of information to answer pressing business questions. Vertical or line-of-business use cases will demonstrate how these technologies have enhanced the analytical abilities of corporations.


Deep dive into the use of tools and technologies that enable sophisticated analysis of information. Learn about: sentiment analysis, predictive analysis techniques - including the use of algorithms, data mining, statistical modeling, and advanced visualization to help predict future outcomes, simulate business scenarios, and optimize business processes. Also take a look at how data science has helped make organizations more competitive and learn how to build an effective data scientist practice.

Information Delivery

Review a spectrum of reporting technologies, dashboard solutions and PowerPivot and Power View solutions that deliver information to consumers. Content delivery through a variety of methods will be covered including mobile devices with a focus on effective decision making throughout an organization. Learn about SharePoint integration for contextual collaboration and reuse. And find out how to build a social platform around your business analytics needs and how to best leverage enterprise search as part of an information delivery strategy.

Big Data

Learn about implementation best practices around technologies that support the consolidation, management, and analytics of large data sets, including relational, non-relational and streamed data sources. Learn how Big Data technologies can play well with traditional BI environments and established ETL practices. Learn how to choose and use the appropriate mix of technologies and platforms, including enterprise information management (EIM) considerations. You’ll hear about the following technologies: Parallel Data Warehousing, Hadoop, Microsoft HDInsight Server and HDInsight Azure, and more.

Strategy and Architecture

Get in-depth knowledge and best practices around the latest technologies for modeling, governing, and managing all types of data. Learn effective architectures and strategies to support available business analytics technologies, including migration strategies, as well as strategies for designing and delivering effective enterprise data solutions using master data and data quality technologies. Find out when you should consider on-premise/off-premise solutions and hybrid use cases, and receive best practices guidance around teams and development standards for delivering effective Business Analytics, including insights on the changing roles of data platform professionals.