Keynote Speakers

David McCandless

Interested in hidden connections?

Patterns and stories that lie buried in spreadsheets?

Or just making your data look cool?

Join acclaimed data visualization expert, author and TedTalk speaker David McCandless as he takes you on a journey through the world of visualizing facts, data, ideas, statistics and questions.

Listen to David’s Welcome Message:

Kamal Hathi and Amir Netz

Microsoft is making analytics accessible to all business users through tools they already know and use. With the accessibility of Excel and ease of deploying Office 365, Microsoft is lowering the barrier of entry for organizations that want to take advantage of business analytics, putting the right tools in users’ hands.

Join Microsoft Partner Director Kamal Hathi and Microsoft Technical Fellow Amir Netz as they showcase powerful new ways to work with data in Excel and the new Power BI for Office 365 offering.