Val Fontama

Principal Data Scientist, Data & Decision Sciences Group, Microsoft

Val brings over 8 years of Data Science experience: Following a PhD in Neural Networks, Val was a New Technology Consultant at Equifax in London where he pioneered the use of Data Mining to improve Risk Assessment and Marketing in the Consumer Credit industry.  

In the last 7 years, Val was a Senior Product Marketing Manager for Big Data and Predictive Analytics in SQL Server Marketing and led product management for Machine Learning; HDInsight; Parallel Data Warehouse, our first ever Data Warehouse appliance, and 3 releases of Fast Track Data Warehouse.  

Val holds an M.B.A. in Strategic Management and Marketing from Wharton Business School, a Ph.D. in Neural Networks, M.Sc. in Computing, and B.Sc. in Mathematics and Electronics.  


Breakout Session (60 minutes):