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Lessons Learned in Self-Service BI

May 9, 6:45am - 7:45am, Room 230A

Panel Discussion


For years, when it comes to self-service BI the automatic assumption was that Microsoft Excel was the tool of first and last resort. Now, after many years of enriching the features of the data stack, Microsoft offers many different ways and tools to perform business analytics. Some approaches require heavy involvement from DBAs, SharePoint administrators, and other data and business specialists. Other approaches enable end-users to process their own analytics much more quickly and with less interaction from the IT organization. Which is most effective? Which is the easiest to rollout and maintain? There are pros and cons to each possible approach, as well as hidden and repeating patterns that are hard to foresee unless you’ve actually been through multiple implementations. Join SQL Sentry’s panel of renowned data analytics and business intelligence experts as we discuss a variety of the obstacles and accelerators to a strong self-service implementation of business intelligence and analytics that is both useful, effective, maintainable, and inexpensive.

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