Pre-Conference Seminar Abstracts for Voting: Developer

The following three abstracts are the finalists in the Developer pre-conference seminar category for PASS SQLRally 2011. Vote for your favorite pre-conference seminar now.

Option A:

Title: What every .NET developer MUST know about SQL Server
Speaker: Klaus Aschenbrenner

Are you building database applications with the .NET framework for SQL Server? Do you know how to perform INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, and SELECT statements, but all the other areas of SQL Server are a black hole? Have you ever been frustrated by how your database application is getting slower and slower while consuming more and more SQL Server memory? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need this intensive one-day SQL Server internals workshop. In this workshop you will learn the inner workings of SQL Server, and how you can use this know-how when building your next database-driven .NET application for SQL Server.

The session will commence with a general overview about SQL Server, its architecture, and how SQL Server uses Execution Plans to execute a query. You will also learn about Plan Cache Pollution, why it is bad, and how you can avoid it when working with the .NET framework. After laying out these foundations, Klaus will move into the storage details of databases and tables, show how SQL Server physically stores tables in the database file, and how you can fine tune the physical storage with correct chosen data types and an intelligent table design. After you know the basics of Execution Plans and storage details, learn about the architecture and the inner workings of indexes in SQL Server. You will see the differences between Clustered- and Non-Clustered Indexes and how they relate to each other. With this knowledge, you will finally understand how you can use different index tuning methods to speed up the execution time of your database queries.

Speaker Bio: Klaus Aschenbrenner is an independent SQL Server Consultant with clients across Europe. Klaus has been working with the .NET Framework and SQL Server 2005/2008 from the very beginning. Klaus was recognized as a Microsoft MVP in 2004 and 2005 for his tremendous support of the .NET community, and has authored a book, "Pro SQL Server 2008 Service Broker (Apress 2008)." Visit Klaus' website for more information:
Twitter: @Aschenbrenner


 Option B:

Title: Database Design Workshop
Speaker: Louis Davidson
Level: Beginner\Intermediate

Database design is a seemingly natural process, lending itself to everyone trying to do it themselves, from an administrative assistant with a spreadsheet to a C# programmer with a copy of SQL Server Express. Unfortunately the finer points of excellent database design are not intuitively obvious and the difference between building a spreadsheet and a solid enterprise database is similar to the difference between building a doghouse and a 2-story house, or even the Empire State Building. In order to design a database correctly, there are several things you need to understand, including some basic understanding of relational theory, gathering and applying requirements, normalization, etc. Even then, while having the knowledge of fundamentals is more than many database designers have, it only the start. In this workshop, we will go to the next level and get our hands dirty designing databases too.

We will structure the day with an extended session of database design fundamentals followed by designing several databases as a class, in groups, and individually. This will be followed up with another extended session on some advanced topics about database design patterns and practices and more design time.

Take Home Skills:
  1. Recognizing that relational databases are built upon a foundation of theory that has been around for a very long time and is still relevant to our needs
  2. The ability to model a database using a common database modeling platform
  3. Understanding normalization at least to the 4th Normal Form
  4. Recognizing multiple patterns that you can use to build databases from, and use to recognize how other people have put their databases together
  5. Learning the ability to reading a database and comparing it to requirements, as this will be a very common task for anyone skilled in database design that also has other duties
Speaker Bio: Louis has over 15 years as a corporate database developer and architect. Louis has been the principal author on four editions of a book on database design, including one for SQL Server 2008. Louis' primary areas of interest are database architecture and coding in T-SQL, with experience designing many databases and writing thousands of stored procedures and triggers through the years.
Twitter: @drsql


 Option C:

Title: Maximize Your SQL Server 2008 Coding Skills
Speaker: Plamen Ratchev
 Level: Intermediate
Abstract: SQL Server 2008 introduced many new features for developers and administrators. Learn the new changes in T-SQL and how they relate to practical business problems. Complete overview of row constructors, the MERGE statement, table-valued parameters, filtered indexes, sparse columns, the FILESTREAM data type, new date and time data types, and grouping sets for aggregating data. Hands-on case studies will teach you how to apply these enhancements in specific business scenarios: synchronizing data with MERGE; utilizing table-valued parameters to send arrays of data to your database; and storing files in SQL Server utilizing FILESTREAM.
Take Home Skills:
  1. Learn the new T-SQL enhancements in SQL Server 2008
  2. Understand the business application of the new features
  3. Get practical experience based on real case studies
  4. Learn how to refactor old code to utilize these new enhancements
  5. Best practices for utilizing the new features
Speaker Bio: Plamen is a SQL Server MVP and founder of Tangra, specializing in relational database applications analysis, implementation and tuning. His particular interest is in design patterns, performance, and SQL code optimization. He consults and teaches on best practices and writing SQL code with style.
Twitter: @PlamenRatchev
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