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Q&A with Rod Colledge

BI Dashboards with Dashboard Designer & PerformancePoint Services 2010

Q: If your pre-con had a theme song, what would it be and why?
 “Sexy and I Know It.” Sex sells, and so do good-looking dashboards!

Q: What excites you most about the topic and potential of BI dashboards?
 Dashboards often represent the final stage of a BI development project – where it all comes together in a single place. Creating a good-looking dashboard is equal parts art and science, a fusion of creativity and information.

Q: Where does your workshop take attendees beyond what you might cover in a regular 75-minute session?
 A regular 75-minute session skims the surface of what’s possible. A pre-con deep-dives into the “hows, whys, and whens” of dashboard design. Not only will we create dashboards, but we’ll also walk through the following:

  • Dashboard design principles
  • Creating a PerformancePoint site within SharePoint
  • Creating and integrating SSRS and Excel Services reports into our dashboards
  • Creating KPIs and scorecards
  • Working with Time Intelligence

Q: What's the most surprising statement attendees might hear you say during the pre-con?
 Ninety-nine percent of dashboards are rubbish. Designing good dashboards is actually very difficult. And in this pre-con, we’ll talk about 10 common mistakes made during the dashboard design process.

Q: What’s the biggest myth about building dashboards that you’d like to debunk?
That displaying lots of information on a single page is a good thing. Effective dashboards are those that are simple and often devoid of lots of detail.

Q: What still trips you up in your adventures with PerformancePoint?
 Kerberos! Dashboards often need to filter information based on the user looking at it, and this requires end-to-end security through all layers of the BI platform, including SharePoint, SSRS, SSAS, SQL Server, and Active Directory. During the pre-con, we’ll spend a bit of time covering Kerberos, including what it is and how to configure it for dashboard solutions.

Q: If attendees could start putting into practice just one thing after your pre-con, what would you want that to be?
 Can I have two please? Attendees will walk away with the confidence of 1) knowing what good dashboards look like, and 2) how to create them.

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