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See what community bloggers have to say about the SQL Server event of the year.
Relive the magic with some of the top posts from PASS Summit 2013, and check back as the buzz begins for this year. Have a blog post to add? Let us know.

The Best of PASS Summit 2013 

PASS Summit 2013. We Do Not Remember Days. We Remember Moments. - Maria Zakourdaev
Achievement Unlocked: SQL Summit Attendee - Joseph Cunningham
A Shy First-Timer at PASS Summit 2013 - Cathrine Wilhelmsen
PASS Summit - Looking Back on My First Time - Jonathan Allen
It Was Cloudy at the Summit - Mike Donnelly
PASS Summit 2013: Final Recap - Erin Stellato
PASS Summit 2013 in Summary - Mickey Stuewe
PASS Summit 2013 - Reflections - Diana Betancourt
Make the PASS Summit Work for Your Employer - Grant Fritchey
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Countdown to PASS Summit 2014 

TechNet Radio: Register Now! PASS Summit 2014 - The Conference for SQL Server Professionals - TechNet Radio
PASS Summit 2014 Speaker Idol Competition -Denny Cherry
PASS Summit 2014 and the Contradiction of Long Running Things - Adam Machanic
PASS Summit 2014 – I’m Speaking!!! - Colin Stasiusk
Speaking at PASS Summit 2014! #Summit14 - Steve Wake
PASS Summit 2014 – I’m Speaking! - Adam Belebczuk
Speaking at PASS Summit 2014 - Niko Neuegebauer


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