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Pre-Conference Seminar:
SQL Server Internal Tools for the DBA

Bob Ward (Microsoft CSS)

Seminar Details
Many DBAs have their own "toolkit" they use to deploy and maintain SQL Server. In this talk, I'll introduce a series of my "tools" that have an internal focus for the SQL Server 2008 Engine based on the collective experience of Microsoft CSS. In this talk, you will learn not only about the tools but gain a deeper understanding of internals of the engine and a practical knowledge of how these tools can help your deployment and maintenance of a SQL Server 2008 installation.
The tools presented in many cases are a demonstration of features built into the SQL Server engine and will include but not limited to:
·         Extended Events
·         Windows Tools such as Windbg, xperf, and SysInternals
·         Using Powershell with SQL Server
·         Unlocking internals of Dynamic Management Views and SQL Server Metadata
·         Trace Flags, Registry Keys, sp_configure, startup parameters, and DBCC
·         Internal tools for deployment of SQL Server
·         Internal  tools for performance
·         Internal tools for Service Broker
·         Internal tools used for advanced data recovery
·         Internal tools for High Availability including Database Mirroring and Failover Clustering
This is an advanced talk and assumes you have a basic working knowledge of the SQL Server engine. This day-long session moves at a fast pace and will include several demonstrations of these tools, but I think all attendees will walk away with knowledge they can use immediately as their job as a DBA.

Attendees will receive a DVD that contains all of the tools, scripts, and demos from the talk

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