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Frequently Asked Questions

An event as busy and engaging as the PASS Summit always means lots of questions from attendees. We've compiled a list of queries we typically get at the PASS Booth with answers for quick reference. If you can't find the answer you're looking for here, feel free to ask on the Summit Forums, or stop by the PASS Booth for more information.

Program FAQ
Schedule Builder FAQ
Chapter/Volunteer FAQ

Program FAQ

*NB: All last minute changes to the Program will not be listed in the Program Guide - they are listed here: http://www.sqlpass.org/summit/na2010/Agenda/SessionUpdates.aspx

Q: Where can I find the speaker’s PPT presentations?
A: Within your Schedule Builder at http://sqlpass.eventpoint.com/ScheduleBuilder.

Q: How do I find my username/password?
A: Username is the email you used to register for the conference with and you can click on “Recover Password” to retrieve your password. (This is all done from the Schedule Builder landing page. More information on passwords and the Schedule Builder is included below.)

Q: What will be on the PASS Summit 2010 DVD?
A: The General and Spotlight Sessions as well as the Keynote presentations.

Q: How much is the PASS Summit 2010 DVD and how can I purchase it?
A: It costs $125 for attendees and can be purchased at the Registration counter or online (post-Summit) at: http://www.sqlpass.org/summit/na2010/
*Price will go up to $195 post-Summit. More pricing information on our DVD rates page.

Q: What will be on the PASS Summit Pre/Post Conference DVDs?
A: They will be packaged by tracks: DBA, BI, App Dev & Mission Critical.  

Q: How much are the PASS Summit Pre/Post Conference DVDs and how can I purchase them?
A: As they are packaged by track, you can purchase by the track or as a complete set. They are available for purchase at the Registration counter.

Onsite prices are as follows: 

  • Pre/Post-Con attendees: $195 per track or $395 for all 4 tracks (complete set)
  • Regular Summit attendees: $395 per track or $695 for all 4 tracks (complete set)

*Prices will go up after the Summit. Please see our DVD rates page for more info.

Q: When will I get my DVDs?
A: Physical copies of DVDs will be ready to ship within 5 weeks. Recordings will be available online (via the Live Learning Center) within 2 weeks.

Q: What is the Second Chance session slot?
A: The attendee is given the chance to vote on a session that was missed or that they would like to see replayed.

Q: How do I vote for the Second Chance session?
A: Each attendee is emailed a link to the Second Chance survey on the morning of Nov. 9th and Nov. 10th where they can vote for the session they would like to see replayed from Tuesday, and then again from Wednesday. Check your email or find the link on the Schedule Builder website.

Q: What is the book signing schedule?
A: Refer to the schedule at the PASS Booth or at the PASS Bookstore.  It can also be found online within your Schedule Builder

Schedule Builder FAQ

Q: How do I login to the PASS Schedule Builder?
A: Attendees need to visit http://sqlpass.eventpoint.com/signin to access the Schedule Builder.

Q: How do I retrieve my password?
A: Once attendees have arrived at http://sqlpass.eventpoint.com/signin, they will sign in using the email they first registered under. This can be checked in their registration confirmation email. They will need to retrieve their password by entering this email address and choosing ‘recover password’. Attendees will then be emailed their password from "donotreply@eventpoint.com" and they can return to the sign in page to access the Schedule Builder.

Q: I did not receive my email letting me know I could access the Schedule Builder OR I did not receive my retrieved password. Why not?
A: Attendees need to check their spam filter for their retrieved password or the welcome email and directions for accessing the Schedule Builder. This email will come from "donotreply@eventpoint.com". 

Chapter/Volunteer FAQ

Q: How can I start a Chapter?
A: Official PASS Chapter Requirements (from the PASS website):

In order to become and remain an official PASS Chapter, all Chapters must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Sign and fulfill the Official PASS Chapter Agreement
  • Post the PASS logo, link to the PASS website, state that they are a PASS Chapter, and promote PASS events that may occur
  • Attend the Chapter Leadership Meeting at the PASS Community Summit, if they are attending the Summit
  • Ensure that meetings contain SQL Server content
  • Inform PASS of any updates pertaining to contact information, change in leadership, and participate in quarterly Chapter update reports
  • Encourage all members to join PASS (membership is free so there is no reason not to join)

Check that there isn’t already one in your local area (check the Program Guide or website), then email/talk to Nancy.

Q: Where do we have Chapters?
A: Refer to the Program Guide or check the PASS website

Q: How can I start a Virtual Chapter?
A: Check the PASS website to see if there already is one similar to the one you’re planning or email Nancy.

Q: Who do I talk to about volunteering?
A: Depends on the type of volunteering.

  • A good place to start is checking for a local Chapter and contacting leaders through their websites
  • Go to our Chapter page first, find your region, find your city and click on the link
  • If a Chapter does not exist in your local area, try the Virtual Chapters

Q: Who’s my local Chapter leader?
A: Check your Program Guide or check the PASS website: click on region, click on link to Chapter site, or email Nancy.

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